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Is there a way we can help musing.io grow ?
What could we do ?<br>What could I do ?<br>I just want to help this amazing platform to grow.<br><br>and also I want them to add an Dark theme feature
There's a few things us regular users can do.

1) Use the site! Activity will make others want to use the website as well, so answer some questions, or even ask some yourself.
2) Tell your friends about it.
3) Upvote people who ask or answer questions, which will incentivize them to keep using musing.io.
4) Delegate SP to musing.io so they can reward the users more.

There are probably a few more things, but these are a good start if you want the website to grow.
Let your post here on musing.io be posted on your Steemit blog so that your friends can see it and be encouraged to join this amazing site.
yes you can ask your queries and people will answer you and also you solved others queries and help them. you just do that the musing.io automatically starts growing
Ask, answer and promote the platform.