Does being sexually abused as a teenager always automatically means becoming a nymphomania in future?
Many adults use being sexually abused as a teenager as an excuse for their infidelity these days

Certainly not, being sexually abused at a tender age doesn't always lead to being a nymphomamania but it sure a major contributing factor. Most times the personality and character an adult exhibit is traceable back to their childhood experiences and upbringing.

For a girl-child to be sexually exposed at such a young age definitely impact her with a negatively one way or the other. Controlling Sexual drive is not something that just comes cheap. Growing up from childhood to adulthood without being sexually active goes a long way to give an individual mastery over their drive and so if otherwise, it leaves the child without enough will power or self discipline to have sexual constrains.

Personalities differs and individual experiences differs and so would the impact of Child sexual abuse on individuals differs. But one thing for certain it always leaves scars that take a lot to erase. Adults who were sexually abuse at young age needs decide to deal with their past experiences: they need to decide to let past go and create a whole experiences to live by rather than give excuses for their infidelity. Certainly,if there is ana excuse for something to happen, their is also excuses or reason why it shouldn't.


Well no it does not, infact in my experience it actually does the opposite. I have two friends who were sexually abused when they were younger, one is a guy and the other is a girl and I'll tell you their story.

The guy was actually molested multiple times by one of his older cousins who was a gay paedophile when he was much younger because he was a chubby kid. Eventually he found the courage to complain about it to his parents and his cousin was sent away. Now the thing is that this friend of mine was so traumatized by the event that he almost completely resents the idea of having sex or even kissing. He's a perfect example of someone who didn't become a nymphomaniac after being sexually abused.

I have another friend who was raped by her uncle when she was younger and till today she hasn't said anything about it to anyone but me. She's probably the most reserved person I know and I can tell you that she's only had one boyfriend in her entire life and their sex life is actually pretty normal, maybe a bit lacking even.

I'm not entirely sure where you got the idea that being sexually abused guarantees that you'll become a nymphomaniac but that's not always the case. It all depends on a person's mental state after it happens and how well the person deals with it. I've heard alot more stories of people who closed themselves up after being sexually abused and less about people who became nymphomaniacs after being sexually abused.

I think the nature and mentality of the person that was abused is what matter, the nature and extent to which they were abused could also play a key role in whether or not they become nymphomaniacs but that's left for people to study and determine for sure.

I hope this helps.


Each time I come across any thing like teenage sex abuse, I become irritably angry. Just few days ago, I heard about a girl of Thirteen years that was abused by a lecturer and his son for four years. The girl was diagnosed with a very bad ailment Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) . Her private part was wide open and she couldn't control the flow of urine. This started at the age of 13 after being sexually abused for 4 - 5 years. She died few weeks ago.

Before the incidence, she was sexually active. This was due to the constant abuse from these evil goats. If the abuse is constant. t he victim will gradually get addicted and if for some period,she didnt get the juicy encounter, she might begin to practice self sex.

Moreover, abuse in some context can be heart injured. If it is seen as an injury, the said victim can have a kind of resentment for anything regarding sex. Becoming a nymphomania sometimes depend on how the abuse is viewed by the victim. Most times, abuse is always with threat and a bitter experience but if at youthful stage, the bitterness might not linger because of the little orientation of the teenager. I will say a teenager with constant abuse is prone to being a nymphomania but not guaranteed as some without a record of sex abuse still end up being a nymphomania. It all depend on self discipline.


Not always because there's other factors that play into becoming or not becoming a nymphomaniac. No two lives are going to be the same. Even if they lived the same life and were sexual abused the same way. They are still two different people. It doesn't necessarily mean that one or even both are going to become one. Every single person is different. Being sexual abused may be a factor for one person but not the next person. But it's definitely not the cause or an excuse for being a nymphomaniac.