Is there anything wrong in a man getting married to his mother in-law after the death of his wife??
Note, they both have feelings for one another.. Is it right morally and what is the influence of society on it?

At the face value there seems nothing wrong with this biologically as many animal species indulge in this act.

But are We Animals?? I doubt , if we are ,despite the lumping together as " Mammals"

It is therefore, not morally right to marry your mother - in: law. Haven't You just call her a " Mother" ?? If I shouldn't marry my mother , I can't marry my wife's mother , even after her death.

For these reasons, many Faith's Worldwide forbids this. But morally , it is never a wise choice to make. After all, there are many more women outside there.

Note. Remove conscience from man and he becomes an animal.


First we as human beings, what set us apart from the other animals is the ability to think higher than them and conscience.

It is not moral to marry your mother inlaw and everything is totally wrong with it.

The influence that it will bring to the society falls in two ways. Some may critise the actions and will surely mocked and ridicule them. The other way is that definitely, some people will say nothing is bad in it and may even copy their actions some times later.

Which has bring negative value or bad value to the society.

So to round up my contribution, I will say it is not right morally and it will influence the society negatively.



This is a very interesting question.

First thing to do is remove any possible religious influence from the answer and so, on face value and applying the values of which I try and live by, there is nothing wrong with this at all.

Two people, both with a free will, who are not hurting anyone else by their actions can do whatever they choose, with the caveat that if there are children involved, their welfare must be paramount.

You then mention the influence of society, and I would dare make the assumption that generally speaking, society wouldn't be too impressed, but possibly without being able to definitively say why. I'd guess many would need to think deeply about this to come up with a valid or moralistic argument for their distaste.

My own thoughts are that it is very rare, but not unknown, for people to truly romantically love outside their own generation, my second thought was; "did they kill the daughter so they could be together?" and thirdly looked at my own mother in law and ex mother in law and immediately became repulsed......

However, my original statement stands. Its their choice, no one else's and no one should judge, it is the business of only the two individuals involved.

Here is an article on the UK's most recent legislation on the issue;


Good luck!

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I see everything wrong in that. Actually, I have never had the opportunity to witness such an act but I will say that if atall that can take place, then the man did not love his wife atall. Had it been he loved his wife, then he would see reasons of not having anything to do with the mother in-law when there are so many girls outside there.

Marrying his mother in-law after the wife has died is uncalled for, and totally out of the box.

In my own point of view, that is not right.