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Which one is better, to do what makes you happy as your major source of income even if you get change as reward or to do what does not interest you while you keep making big money?
Many inspirational quotes have differ opinions on this particular subject matter

Hmmn. This is tough. 

Doing what makes you happy gives you joy and fulfillment. Whereas, doing what gives you money makes you comfortable at the expense of your happiness. To me, I would say it's better to do what you love than being miserable at something else.

No matter how much money you make, you will never be truly happy or satisfied with yourself if you are not doing what you love. You will live an unhappy but comfortable life.

Although, several factors can determine what choice to go with. Factors like:

  • Responsibility: Are you responsible to taking care of others? If there are kids or family to cater for, then I think the goal here is to make money so as to keep them comfortable.  The only reason I will do what brings me more money as opposed what I love is because of my family. I will do anything reasonably legal to make them happy. And that is what you should consider if you find yourself tied to making a choice.
  • Sustainability: It is easier to do what brings more money as against what you love. But how easy is it for you to sustain it? We all know how unserious we could get at doing something we really don't love. We could freak out on any little thing. Instead of being productive, we could be repulsive and this may cause us to lose the job. It is almost impossible to happily do something that brings you more money instead of happiness.

If, after considering these factors, and you still can't come to terms with the best choice to make, I would advice you go with what makes you happy. Which is obviously what you love to do. Because in the end, it is important that we are alive and happy, instead of alive and struggling.


A job that makes you happy versus a job that pays you big? If I find myself in a position to make such a decision tomorrow, it won't be a tough one to make because I will go for the money 100%.

Forget about happiness and face reality. You will have bills to pay in future; house rent, feeding, accommodation, electricity bills. You will have a family to take care of; clothing, school fees, healthcare, in-laws etc. You think happiness will take care of all these bills?

Trust me, there is nothing that makes a man unhappy and miserable in life like when he can't help people around him, when he can't fulfil his expected responsibilities as a man and when people around him (friends & relatives) see him as a financial burden.

You won't see this in quotes but the reality of life is that money is everything! When you have money & you can't make yourself happy, then something is definitely wrong with you lol😁. The respect, power, and popularity that comes with money is enough to make you happy.

Generally, there is a different between doing what makes you happy and doing what's right. Considering what makes a person happy only instead of what works or whats right often end in unhappiness. Drugs, unwanted pregnancies, HIV, etc is as a result of considering happiness only.

Of course reading this, you should know I am from Nigeria. I think its only people that haven't seen poverty will ask this kind of question because for me, there is nothing tough about this question. If its me, I repeat again, I will go for the money 100%...




It's a really tough question! 

Obviously it's better to do a job you love. Motivational quotes often say find what you love and it will end up working for you. I'm not sure that's really true in reality. It's hard to make things work out when you're scratching around to make ends meet,

I'd say it's better to find a job that pays well if you can. And then work on the things you love in your own time. Once you've got a little money raised you're in a better position to take a chance on something you love. It can take a few years to get to such a position but as long as you keep the thing you love ticking over, it can still be there for you. Plus there's plenty to be learned from working jobs that pay well that can stand you in good stead when you branch off on your own.


if i am going to be honest with this question, then i am going to choose doing what does not interest me and keep earning a very large income. as of the world stands today, people are more concerned with what they have and what they can do with especially in my country Nigeria. imagine in a country where the economy is bad, government does provide you with basic amenities and  in a country where more than 50% of the citizens lives below minimum wage. 

your sole aim just as to be surviving and earning as much as you can so that you could effectively and efficiently survive and take care of your wellbeing .

having a job that doesn't  interest me and pays very high will always be my choice due to the outline reasons;

1. sustainability 

2. survival

3. raising a family

4. to plan for long term 

5. you cant take care of your welfare by earning very little money 

6. it is a rational decision for humans to always go for something bigger and more rewarding

7. everyone wants to live a good life and you need money to do.

thank you for reading


They say find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. I don't know where I first read this but this was my mantra in life when looking for a job. Before.

That was when I was a fresh grad. That was when my mother and father took care of all our finances. But then they started giving me bits and bits of financial responsibilities in the house, it was starting yo kick in. The biggest blow was whem my father had a stroke. Both of them were devastated. My mom was so brokenhearted while she took care of my dad.

I had to take charge. That was when I had to start looking for a job that pays big so I could cover all the expenses - medication, monthly bills, my sibs' education. It was really tough.

But I learned to love what I do. I figured if I couldn't do what I love, at least I had to learn to love what I do.

To answer your question, in our world, we will have to cope with our needs and responsibilities. So I say choose a big paying job, save enough money so that one day you will be able to afford to work in the field you are passionate about.


What's the use of doing a job one don't love when money itself isn't a guarantee for satisfaction. And with this gap of in satisfaction, one keep striving over things that get them frustrated. Of the truth, it will come to a stage where the money doesn't satisfy you anymore or may probably get fired. I came to know one is only good in what he loves to do , and with the constant growth in technological and knowledge, better persons who are expert in that field may replace the one for the money.

Have you noticed most people who join steemit for the financial benefit gets frustrated within a short while and off they are gone and the ones with it passion remains even when things go rough .at the end they reap it benefit. The same thing happens with Every person on this basis.


based on my life's perspective, if I'm happy with my work and I'm being molded in the right sense I can make it proud of anyone, if I do not care about my work but I'm paying a lot, maybe it's for my loved ones, I can not think of my own happiness without my life insurance, I only see my family happy because I'm giving them their wishes that I will be happy for them too.

So, for me it's like the first choice is for a man without a family that is just contented or happy on his work, and the second choice is for a family man who cares for the happiness of his family, not on what he felt on his job, but what it can do to achieve success in life.


The straight forward answer is to do what you love the most, but ...

Life is the name of the sacrifices as well. Sometimes in the life you even have to choose to do what you hate to do the most, whether it is for the survival of oneself or for the sake of his/her family.

In my opinion it is purely circumstantial. Even if you want to follow the ideal philosophy, "To do what you love", situations don't allow you to do so.


It's all relative. I'm assuming that by "change" you mean something that is still a living wage, right? I'd say something that makes me happy. Why? We spend 1/3 of our every day lives at work and if work sucks, the rest of your life will not be too great, either.