Can you delete a post and post it again (please read description)?
I am using Engrave to post most of my Steemit posts: https://imatumble.dblog.org/lands-of-layderian-chapter-one-part-1-julia I accidentally didn't categorize the post above but it won't let me change the category it is listed under the category of poetry when it is supposed to be listed under Lands of Layderian. I have to delete and post it again, but before I do, I want to see if this is ok or not to do. Please help :) If I can not do this, I won't for I do not want to get in trouble....

Since you've made use of Engrave to make the post on Steemit, the post is already stored on the steem blockchain and it can't be deleted on your Steemit blog. I suggest you make the necessary editings on your steemit blog which has to do with the tags. You still have the chance to edit your posts on Steemit including changing of tags. I don't really know if engrave allows for such features.

Another suggestion is to make another post related to the previous post but it shouldn't be exactly like the previous post. You need to change the post title and make some necessary editing to avoid being detected for plagiarism.

In conclusion, I will advise you to always be careful and make sure you've done the necessary things before posting. You don't have to be in a rush before posting, always take your time and set things right before publishing them on your Steemit blog.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.