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Are there other sites like the Steemit Block-chain?
I was wondering, because I really like desectralized block-chains that let you earn rewards, tokens, cryptoanything, and giftcards. Not to mention that I love to socialize and meet people. Communication is important to me. So if you know other sites like the Steemit network, then please feel free to share them in the comments. Love to hear from you :) Here is one I love: mylot.com, my screen name is rhpinc if you want to follow me there :)

Yeah there are many websites like Steemit but the fact is that Steemit is the only oldest blockchain platform I know about which was widely used since 2016 and still counting.

Below are some of the websites like Steemit where you can earn by sharing and posting content online. They also deal with rewarding you with cryptocurrency. These are the few list I can get for now.











11) pivot

12) Lit

You can reply me in the comment box if you want to ask any questions about each or any of the listed sites and I can send you the link for registration.

The fact is that I still find Steemit to be the best platform amongst others because Steemit cryptos (Steem and SBD) is already in the market and it rises and falls just like every other cryptos. Also, Steemit cryptos is more valuable and worthy when compared to some new blockchain websites because some of them haven't even been listed in Coin market and this is like a waste of time to the users.

I believe one can make millions on Steemit if you actually know what you are doing and if you actually understand how Steemit works. I prefer staying on Steemit and earning than making use of other platforms which may not add value to me in terms of wealth and productivity.

In conclusion, there are websites just like Steemit but it just depends on how exposed you are before you can know about such websites.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


There are a few that have copied Steemit and are sort of identical. The only difference is that they don't have 2 years worth of experience and the issues that arise. Steemit is so far ahead of the game with various features.

Weku is one that i have heard about and is a clone of Steemit. and are paid in Weku dollars. There is no value as they haven't been listed on any exchange yet and haven't had an ICO either.

Smoke is another but have no idea what it looks like and if it sis similar but it is a blogging platform with users being paid in smoke tokens.

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Hello there are many social networks that pay to create content similar to steemit.

Those that use similar structure moon are these two.


A new social network - WeKu

A big greeting to all. I invite you to join WeKu, a social network based on blockchains, where you can be rewarded for your publications, for the time being in beta, so your ico has not been released, currently has the advantage over other similar networks, that As it is new, there are many users who want to produce and grow on the platform, so the growth is fast. The idea is the publication of original and quality content, if you spend time to publish photographs, text or any type of own production, in WeKu you can be rewarded for sharing it. I leave a subscription link, unlike other networks of this type, there is no waiting period for identity validation, so the account can be opened and activated in seconds.

Weku still does not take his currency to market.  So it's a great investment opportunity 


Coinmarketcap info


Golos Gold

Golos Gold (GBG)

$ 0.021 USD

- $ 0.0005 (2.46%)

Ranking 1814 th

Maximum Price Today $ 0.022 USD

Change $ 0.0005 (-2.46%) USD

Minimum Price Today $ 0.020 USD



 Golos Gold

 Social networks

Golos Gold Cryptocurrency Information

Official Website: https://golos.io/

Output to the Market: Feb 13, 2017

Starting Price: $ 0.037 USD

Historical maximum: $ 0.462 USD (10 Jan 2018)

Average price: $ 0.097 USD


Golos is a Russian website, which is very recent, therefore, it is a platform that is beginning to be created and introduced to the cryptocurrency market, this starts at the end of 2017.

The official website of Golos is Golos.io, whose language is Russian, and is based on the publication of articles on any subject, which are called tokens, the users of that page have access to them daily.

The way to earn the Golos Cryptocurrency on this website, is based on rewards, that is, when you enter the page, after registering you will start to publish articles, for each of them the reward will be given in cryptocurrencies.

Which can be exchanged and marketed in different digital wallets such as:


bittrex and


All of which are cryptocurrencies, but have a higher value than Golos, and therefore the reward is greater.

Golos has a license with Steem.it, which is a social network, which allows interaction with users generating cryptocurrencies as payment, the same thing you want to achieve with this new Golos.io page.

Due to this many users say that Golos is a plagiarism of Steem.it which is not totally true, since both share licenses and work together to achieve one of the best social networks of cryptocurrencies in history.

However, this is being achieved little by little, with the integration of diverse users from all over the world, only that it should

Although many users say that there is a plagiarism in these social networks, it is not like that, they are only licensed and therefore work together, it should be noted that Golos wants to be as good as Steem.

The advantages that Steem has over Golos is that the former has much more time in the market, many users know it and work in it, and the value of its Cryptocurrency is much greater than the Golos.

For this reason it has a greater boom, however Golos also has its advantages and benefits, among which we can name is that Golos has an ICO instead of early mining.

This will help users have to interact within the social network to get their rewards in cryptocurrencies, this ICO was created for .ruinternet and has raised more than 600 BTC to date.

It is expected that in the future Golos.io will be one of the best cryptocurrency social networks in the world, with millions of users.