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Do you have trauma if you are cheated by your girlfriend??

Well whether or not a person will feel any kind of emotional trauma in a situation like this depends on a lot of things. Some people may be hurt so badly that they'll be unable to enter a relationship with anyone else for a while, while others may brush it off after a couple of days and pretend like nothing ever happened.

If the person actually meant something to you then most likely you'll be hurt and you'll feel terrible. Emotional trauma will definitely hit you hard but, but I don't think heart break can cause any physical trauma unless you're asthmatic, worst case scenario is that the person could have a heart attack, but that's very unlikely.

I have friends who are cheating on their girlfriends but will be a mess if their girlfriends cheat on them and I also have friends who wouldn't be the least bit bothered if their girlfriends cheat on them because they know they're doing exactly the same thing. At the end of the day it all depends on the person involved.

Personally, I'd be destroyed if my girlfriend cheated on me because I'm believe in being faithful and that's what I've been, faithful, so if she stabs me in the back like that then it'll hit me hard, really hard. Whatever the case, emotional trauma or physical trauma, whichever one it is can befall a person if their girlfriend cheats on them.

I hope this helps.


English dictionary defines trauma as:

An emotional wound leading to psychological injury.

So I'll say YES and NO.

YES in the sense that from the definition of trauma, there's emotion. Which means in oder to experience trauma after being cheated in a relationship there must be an emotional attachment. Which will not just cause trauma alone but also a possibility of psychological injury to the persons involved.

NO also if there's no emotional attachment in that relationship. It is usually called NO STRING ATTACHED. Yea, there are relationships like that or should I say FRIENDS WITH BENEFIT. Trust me, its still a relationship. Just that there ain't much responsibility or big deal, just for the fun.

So when cheating or even break up happens it doesn't affect much to the extent of causing trauma. Though there might be little or no concern from one party.

I hope this answer helps.

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Yes why not. If you find out that she cheat on you and you truly love her, you will surely feel that way.

Generally anybody who is truly in love will feel that way and in some situations like that, it can take months or a long time to decide to enter another relationship because of the pain she has cause you by cheating on you.