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How to succeed on Steemit?

This is a lovely question!

hough, I joined last few months, but I still had a lot of experience on both  STEEMIT and MUSING. I believe that those that post quality content gets a lot of upvotes or that earned more especially, 

This time as it is, succeeding on STEEMIT is not easy especially for beginners. one needs to work diligently, fervently and harder by writing quality post with a good story. In due time, you are going to earn more.

Let me share with you the basic you need for succeeding on STEEMIT:

(1) the first thing you need if you are a beginner is to introduce yourself by telling people what you want to do, or what you set to achieve on STEEMIT so that you can draw people's attention to you.

(2) Post quality story if you are a good content writer

(3) Use or post adequate and good illustrative picture when creating your story

(4) Be fervent in your writing, that is don't stop writing or doing what you love doing on STEEMIT

If you think STEEMIT doesn't well for you, why not try to answer questions on MUSING everyday...

Let me also share with you some tips that might help you out in getting more rewards by answering great questions on musing:

(1) If you want to earn more, look for questions that are quality, or questions you think you can answer best.

(2) Make sure you spend more time in writing a quality answer to the question being asked.

(3) Make sure you write long answer, but don't deviate from the question being asked. Sometimes, when making a long story, you might get bored or lost words to say next.

(4) Sometimes, adding of pictures are pretty good, you can add pictures with your answer to if you think it's necessary for better understanding. Using pictures to explain a story means a lot, at times it gives people better understanding of the message you are trying to pass across 

(5) make sure you edit your writing, so that your writing will be neat and presentable.

If you continue this way, you are heading towards rewards and success.

Note that, sometimes, you might not be rewarded, but don't be offended, you just have to keep on trying, giving quality answers on Musing. 

Good luck!!!

I hope this makes sense to you??



Succeeding on Steemit first has to do with your Determination to succeed. If it is in your heart, it will definitely be placed in your hands. You need to have the desire to succeed. Then, next is to make Quality Contents. Making quality contents will enable you get noticed on the blockchain. Write good contents using relevant tags and expect to be featured on perhaps some curation blogs. Also, to be successful on Steemit, you need to form Relationships. Relationship with people on the Steem blockchain will enable you grow and succeed. You form relationships by interacting with others probably using the comment section and asking some personal questions also. Above all, you need to be Consistent. Growing and succeeding on Steemit takes time. It doesn't just happen overnight. You can't be all hyper active about success and fall back tomorrow. You need to be consistent at it even though it doesn't seem like you're making any progress. 

See you at the top.

Cheers, JI


Basically, When a new users involve in steemit and became the part of steemit he is unable to make better post because of experience, And We should not lose our patience if we have does not succeed on first attempts, Keep in mind that every failure gives us experience which lead to the path of success, You have to try again and again till the  achievement  is your goal, if it requires to many times try again you have to try again many times because trying again and again never goes fruitless, Time bring reward for us. And the English is the main reason behind your success if you have a good blogger then I suggest to use Steemhunt, Utopian-io, Steemstem, Musing-io, Busy.org. These are all the branches of steemit you can work here and make good quality post. Honestly I am saying to you that I fail in steemit many times also in steemhunt and musing but now I have more 6 month experience, and Now I am making good post, answers and question I am still working on steemhunt and musing and i leave steemstem. So lastly, I suggest you to Kindly visit these website for further details and If you any question you can ask again I will give you the answer Thanks! 

  • Create good high quality and original content, and post that often, preferably on a set time and frequency.
  • Interact a lot with the Steem community. Follow, upvote and comment a lot on Steemians who post high quality original work.