Why are we lazy?
In general, people find it painful to expend effort on long-term goals that do not provide any immediate gratification.

I generally cannot say why people are lazy but when you take a look at 55% of the answers on this platform , the fact that the answers are not well detailed or well written and the fact that the people who wrote this answers do not take so much time to invest in them in order to be useful for the people who asks these question , I will definitely start to concur with you that people are lazy however I will not say this about everybody. We generally have to look at life itself.

Sometimes one of the reason why people are lazy is because of uncertainty in futuristic events which they may be investing their time in koma people only want to put effort in what is generally justifiable or what will bring dividends if they put their efforts in it , however if people notices the certainty of success then it may brings about hard work and effort . For example when you look at a platform like steemit people hardly post quality because they're not certain of reward and when people are not certain of your word or certain of success then it becomes difficult for them to put effort which makes them generally lazy.

Another reason is because I think people want quick ways of achieving long term success for example when people are shown the way through which something can be achieved instead of them to put in effort in getting this done they start looking for ways to cut corners and looking for shortcuts. These are people that turned out to become internet fraudsters. People are more inclined to the easy life and generally found it difficult to extend their efforts and resources. Another reason why people also become lazy is if the expenditure they are putting their efforts in seems boring to them


Most people behave or act lazy because of lack of motivation, zeal or drive for life. Every human has an extraordinary strength and abilities in him/her, but when there's nothing stirring the release of such strength, idleness /laziness becomes the other of the day.

When you see a vibrant and a go getting somebody, there's something pushing him to go after such goals and the desire to achieve such goals stirs the release of the strength and abilities in them. Everyone needs motivation. It's lack of motivation and desire to achieve something in life that results in laziness


I am often asked questions like this. Nature has created us to dissipate energy. The principle of maximum entropy production implies that, per unit of time, we dissipate as much energy as possible. So why do we tend to be lazy?

The answer is that we are subject to constraints: our strengths are limited. The only way we can dissipate more energy is to do it as efficiently as possible to save time.

I will take a concrete example. A walker runs along a river. He sees a person a little further drowning. We must go and rescue her. He will first run towards the river and then swim towards the drowned. Will he go in a straight line? We run faster on land than we swim in the water. It is therefore better to stay longer on the shore than in the water. The optimal trajectory is not the straight line but a broken line made up of two line segments, one on land more parallel to the shore, the other in the water more perpendicular to it. It is the trajectory that will make it possible to reach the drowned as quickly as possible. It is also the one that requires the least energy expenditure, therefore that of the lazy individual. So we would be lazy to be effective.

It turns out that the same problem arises for light. A photon propagates faster in the air than in water. The fastest path is the same broken line given by the laws of refraction. So light always takes the fastest way to go from one point to another. Photons, too, are lazy. Stars dissipate their energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. Most of the energy of the universe dissipates as well. It can be seen that the laws of electromagnetism conform to the principle of maximum entropy production.


People can be lazy because : they have no goal, or their goal is too high / hard to get.

So, yes, it's normal if we have a goal, but set it to the normal level, so you still have hope. Hope is necessary to make sure you do whatever needs to achieve your goal.