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Early marriage is good?


Early, mid, late... there are ALWAYS good and bad times.


Early marriage is perhaps the only solution to the issue of unwanted pregnancies and abortions that we face in today's world.

It is funny how parents do not want their children to get marriage as soon as they attain maturity and are ready for marriage but would support such children engaging in unlawful relationship which would include having sex, all in the name dating.

Early marriage in my own opinion here is getting married once one attains puberty and is ready to fulfill all necessities to own a family.


I cannot say early marriage is good or not.

Marriage is not dependent on the age of both parties.

It is all dependent on the maturity of both parties involved.

How well they can handle the marriage and their incoming kids.

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Sure.. why not? If both individuals are willing to take on the world together through thick and thin, then they should get married.

Age doesn't matter, maturity does. Besides I've met old foolish people and I'm convinced that wisdom doesn't come with age.


I would love early marriage.

But that doesn't mean it's good.

Early marriage has its benefits and down sides too.

But it would actually take the determination and effort of both parties to make it work.

Early marriage can be good if you're willing to put in the work.


It always depends on how mature or mentally ready a person is for a relationship. I think there is no rule of thumb for that. It is quite individual for every person. Apart from being in love with a person, a relationship means taking responsibility for each other. If two people or one of the partners cannot do that then they are maybe not ready for a serious relationship and should wait. Sometimes young adults are mature enough for a relationship and sometimes not. And sometimes even people in their 30s or 40s are not even ready for entering into relationship or marriage. As I said...it always depends on the individual person and his/her level of maturity.


It's good and it's also bad, good in the sense that, you raise children early before ones retirement and the children grow up and probably become men financially independent before one grows old. In this aspect,the man is sure of children he can rely on.

It's bad when one is still very young, he finds it hard to provide for the littles one thereby making them live an unpleasant life in their early age.


If we're talking about marriage before the age of consent (18 in most places), then I would say, no, it's not very good, except maybe where both would be spouses are mature enough to do so (however that might be adequately determined), and particularly when a baby (or out of wedlock pregnancy) is involved. Otherwise, it's generally best to wait.

However, that doesn't mean that people need to wait until certain lifestyle conditions are met to be married. In a lot of cases, a person could get married at 21, start their family and do well. There is a certain amount of maturity that is required to have a successful marriage, and age can't always determine that, but waiting until all conditions are met, including a firm financial foundation, is denying some maturity and growth that can only come through facing adversity. And that adversity would be better served being gone through together, rather than separately.

I was married at 22. My wife was considerably older, so it's probably good that we got married when we did. Now, we just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We have two sons, who are now married and have children of their own. It can be done, but certain conditions need to be met, and both parties need to be willing to go through all kinds of things to make it work, regardless of the age that they decide to do it at.



I think there is no specific age limit for getting married. It varies from person to person.

A person should get married when he/she thinks they are mature.

When they feel that they can share the responsibility of family.

I prefer the age of 25 to 30 to get married.

In this age generally, individuals are mature enough to get in to some relationship.

They have started their carrier and afford the family responsibility.  


It's hard to say, it depends very much on the couple but I think there is a certain advantage to marrying earlier in life.

A couple who marry earlier in life (say 18-21) "grow up" together, in a sense, because their personalities are still maturing. Although their marriage may be rough at first, because of immaturity, I believe if their marriage makes it to 30 they'll stay together for life.  Having to face the struggles of adulthood together (finishing college, starting a career or business, finding a place to live, etc.) also pushes the couple to cooperate and compromise for each-other much more than two people with their lives put together would.

In addition, a couple who marry later in life have likely spent a significant part of their lives with other partners, or single; bonding is more difficult for them because of that.


It depends on how emotionally stable both of you. Some succeed or others are not. 

Because the decision should come from the couples not from the opinion of the other people, peer pressure and especially if only one person who is decided to do it.

As long as both of you are faithfully in love to each other.