Which is your best contest so far on the Steem blockchain?
We all would agree the extent to which contests have helped to grow many accounts on the Steem blockchain. I am a beneficiary of many contests and they did help me grow on this platform. WHICH CONTEST DID YOU PARTICIPATE AND IT WAS YOUR BEST? Personally, I have been a part of @Stach short story contest, @sir-clinic story contest, @artzone drawing contest, @blocktrades contest, @oracle-d contests and recently @Sndbox contest. I will hat-off for @air-clinic story contest which moulded my story-telling prowess on the steem blockchain. It is was a great exposure. Currently, the @Sndbox 24-hour daily contest is an amazing project on the steem blockchain. Beyond just creating "something" to reward people, @Sndbox has surged a great level of integration for many projects as well as DApps b uilt on the Steem blockchain. I made this poll for @Sndbox contest - https://steemit.com/dpoll/@uyobong/a-feedback-poll-which-of-the-sndbox-contest-days-is-your-most-preferred
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I have participated in so many different contests. Especially during my early days on Steemit. I was majorly basking on contests and yes, I won so many.

But my best contest so far would be that which was organized by me.

Yes, it was finally time to give back to the community what I had taken from it and then I launched a contest when I hit reputation 60.

It was my best contest because I got a lot of amazing entries. It was nice going through all of them and getting to pick the winner.

Prior to this time, o was only particular about taking, this time around, I was giving and it meant so much to me.

I understood what it takes to run a contest and the excitement participants feel.

It was awemazing.


It was a choice based game where you choose option and wait for next post for the result of the choice.

Complete the game alive and win the big prize pool, which was filled bigger by game post payouts.

This game was very interesting and made the Steem journey fun.

I have participated in quite a few contests. From children's poetry and short stories to sports bets.

The best contest, I guess is the one I got the highest prize for. That was last month's Poem recitation Contest promoted by @quillfire and sponsored by @girlbeforethemirror. I got 26 SBDs for my video recitation of a poem written by @quillfire about farting, or so it seemed. It was fun and the prized greatly helped me with some expenses I had to cover for my daughters.

I just submitted a participation for @sndbox Antipost contest. I think it is a very interesting contest that makes us think hard about creative and fun ways to post.

I have not been able to continue participating in @jayna's 50-word story (now renamed micro-fiction or 100-word story). For that one I need my muses to be in good mood and they have not been like that in a while. 

There are fun and very simple contest, such as @mermaidvampire's guess the color game. You always win something even if you don't the color, so she probably has the most generous contest in the whole platform. 

There are tons of literary contests I'd like to participate in, but I am not very confident with my creative writing skills. Once in a while I write a story that satisfies me, but for the most part I am a storyteller in the oral tradition sense. There are many very talented and skilled writers here in Steemit who intimidate with their craftmanship. I think I am learning from them in terms of techniques and the use of some literary devices, so it is always fun to follow those contests even if I don't participate.

The best contest I participated in was hosted by blocktrades during summer and it was the World Cap in Russia. Hundreds participated and it lasted a whole summer.

Unfortunately I wasn't among the winners but I got really close

Probably the best since I love sports and particularly football.  

to me, I will say the best contest is predicting the bitcoin and litecoin price. That is the daily predicting price contest

My best one so far has definitely been the one @blanchy runs. His contest is called last man standing. It has a bounty of 50 Steem basic income shares for the winner.

How it works is that it is based on results from the English Premiership. You start with week one and choose a team. If that team wins you make it through to the next round.If the team you selects loses or draws you are automatically knocked out.You are not allowed to choose the same team again and the longer it goes on the harder it gets.

The last tournament I made it through to week 7 and the final 3. I was unfortunately knocked out and received 6 Steem for coming joint second.I love sport and enjoy watching the English Premiership so it was a fun tournament for me.

If you like sport it is a great way to earn some Sbi shares.