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How can Blockchain Technology and Crypto Science be fused into Academic curriculum in Universities?
Today, we can see that cryptocurrency has come to stay and even Nations are adopting it. It is therefore needful that the education system formally engraft Blockchain Technology and Crypto Science into academic curriculum. How can one go about advocating for this? Let's share

This is a question I'll say is thoughtful, I'd try to make my answer as concise as possible.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are already being taught in universities across the world. It would take time for every university that exists to have a course on Blockchain, but we're glad that some already do. Even in some business schools they teach blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to tech enthusiasts. Imagine schools teaching computer science without mentioning blockchain technology, it wouldn't make sense right?

Some of these universities offer courses, and maybe later they would offer whole programs on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. I know of about 10 universities that offers blockchain courses in different parts of the world, MIT and New York University  (NYU ) happen to be among.

Most people have heard of blockchain technology, because it's often on the headlines in tech news. This increases the interests of Universities to teach its courses. They form committees, and discuss how the programs would be conducted. That is where blockchain courses comes in, to widen the scope of the knowledge.

Also, I'm sure you must have heard of blockchain startups too. Some of these startups are affiliated with some universities. At times, the university assists with funds.