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Which community is your best on the Steem BLockchain? Tell us 5 reasons you choose the community as your best?
At one point or the other, we find ourselves attached to communities. Let's show them love and tell them what made you enjoy the brotherhood and affiliation

The bests community on the steem blockchain for me is the Dtube 777 family whose founder is @NathanMars so I'll give reasons as to why this community does it for me though I may not be able to state up to five reasons because the reasons are interwoven really.

DTUBE 777 FAMILY by all means this is definitely the best community for me so far although it may be a bit homogeneous in nature that is majorly for dtubers but it's a community in which the interest of everybody and not just for the leaders or the founders as it is in some other communities the founder's vision is to create a better community where video content creators must raise awareness on the content of their fellow dtubers create a community that can be communicating and seriously interactive

The 777 family is not hierarchical most communities would want you to attend a certain stage before they actually recognise you for example on their discord channel they refused to open channels to you because they think you are new they treat you with a certain kind of newbie status which may even make you leave the community sooner than expected, but the 777 family you become a full member the first moment you join provided you be the rules and regulation of the coming part of creating an interactive society.

Another reason is because the 777 family has the most awesome members you will ever encounter you will be shown so much attention so much love and your ideas and initiative will be appreciated despite your status, despite your reputation or your experience on the blockchain. The 777 is building something big and futuristic with dtube as a DAPP in the center stage

Another thing is people are entitled to equality, I believe for a community to grow there must be a certain kind of equality of coming together and working together their idea of a community is being accepted because everybody expected to work hand in hand there is definitely no segregation and there is lose leadership if you are concerned about building something that can last for a long time especially when the bull market comes then this is a family you should join because it is prospective in changing your johnny here on the blockchain of steemit.com