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What is the Best way to Invest in Steem?
It is no news that Steem has a future and it pays if one can make an investment especially with the current low prices. I was really considering options one can have to make some good investment on Steem. This was motivated by a friend who wishes to invest $150 which is approximately 555 STEEM (at the current price). What could be the best way to invest this steem? Should it be Powered up? Used to buy delegation? Patronize bidbot services? What exactly could you advise?. Your candid and sincere answers are beckoned. Thanks as you salvage an investor with your @Musing answer.

There is a tie between buying a delegation and powering up.

Powered up Steem is Steem is forever yours (unless you power down of course) and also gives security to your funds.

While buying delegation gives you more SP but, for short period, and you can't delegate a delegated SP.

There are multiple use cases of powered up Steem (ie. Steem Power), such as.

- You can delegate to other dApps (or to bid bots if you want), some give you regular upvotes, some give points/tokens

- Vote selling. Going away for a while? Sell votes using Minnowbooster/SmartSteem. (Applicable to both Delegated SP and powered up SP).

- Holding SP also gives you interest.

Hope it helps!


There are two best ways to invest in steemit as far as I know, the first through investing by buying coins in the market and storing them in your steemit account or usually called fast investment. For those who have money, of course it is advisable to invest in this one way, besides growing investment in the platform is happiness for all of us users.

Second, monetization of content on the platform, investments like this are the most frequent and easy to find on the platform, I myself chose this investment, because I didn't have enough money to buy Coin in the market. But monetization of content is more of a long-term investment, you can produce coins by continuing to monetize content on the platform, and this is of course different from the first. Monetization of content is more about saving Coin in the form of rewards on the platform.

Now that's two ways to invest in steemit.com as far as I know, if anyone I don't complete, please add it to be positive information for all of us platform users.