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Which Steem DApp would you recommend to a newly onboarded user and WHY?
It is certain that we all must consciously contribute our quota to the development of the Steem blockchain by telling people about the beauty of Steem and onboarding in any available way. However, with the multiplicity of DApps and interfaces of Steem, one may be almost confused on which DApp will give a user a cool starting experience. Let's share! My Answer: In the past five days, I have successfully convinced 5 new persons to join Steem and they were successfully onboarded. They are always curious to know where to start and my answer of recent is always a firm "MUSING,IO". TO me, Musing has all it takes to give a new user a fun and engaging start on the Steem blockchain. I'll always tell them, "with Musing, all you need is ask questions on whatever bothers you and you get instant answers. You can also answer others on subjects you are knowledgeable". The result over the past five days have been amazing as I see a remarkable growth in their account and a growing enthusiasm to contribute an d engage the system. This is what Musing has done. Musing helps users to use a small time to add value to the system and as well earn value (not necessarily upvotes). Most of the questions asked on the Musing platform are personal experiences and the answers when I look through them are always so informing and educating. MUSING is a Steem DApp/interface that can help new users crave more for the Steem blockchain. It gives interaction at its peak. With MUSING, there are no reputation dichotomy, even users with low reputations answer questions with value and are rewarded. I think this is what a true decentralized platform should look like.

You had asked the question and answered too. Not sure what you are expecting others to answer. Anyway, I'll share my perspective to answer the question.

First, the user need to get confused, it can be based on his interest he can use any dApps. The confusion comes when the user has come only for making money since he needs to know which dApp rewards the most. I'd say, such users doesn't stay long, they don't sustain bear market. They will blame the platform and leave!

Steem dApps bring diversity to Steem blockchain. It is now easy to on-board users, dApps are built on specific use-cases, thereby making it easy and clear. If someone who is already using Quora can easy relate Musing, an instagram user can easily relate it with steepshot, rewarding open-source contributions by utopia is fantastic for developers/coders who are not much interested in sharing photos or writing blogs etc. Steem-monster for gamers!

dApps with their use-cases & users..

  • Steemit, Busy - Blog and social media platform (for bloggers, writers etc)
  • Steem Monster - for Gamers
  • Steepshot - similar to Instagram (for photographers)
  • Musing - similar to Quora
  • Utopia - for open-source contributors

By having all these dApps we are not forcing everyone to write blogs to get rewards. It makes user on-boarding easier and free from confusion. Users can pick based on their preference.

 If someone want to start, they should understand what is Steem, Steemit and dApps, what do they offer(keep the rewards/upvote aside), then decide based on their interest. Once they get started, they will discover a lot more about the Steem Blockchain and rewards.


To me i will recommend musing.io for him or her.

As a new user on steemit, you will still need to be pit through, learn some advice's, learn how steemit operate by asking questions , still need to get some tutorial also.

I can still remember when i joined steemit 12 months back, I came to steemit as a total stranger. I didn't know anything about steemit nor do I now how it is been done so I spend 6-7 months exploring this platform. Not after many months, then I begin to realise how it works, what spamming means and many more but what am I trying to say, if had it been I was able to be put through on Steemit back earlier, i will have gone far than where I am.

So I see musing.io as a great dapp that will enable him or her o learn new things about steemit by asking questions about it and also getting valuable answers which will surely be of help. So for me, I will not waste my time recommending MUSING.IO for him or her.