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What do you think about the legalization of abortion?
Abortion has been a subject of great controversy in recent months, due to the dispute in Argentina over its legalization.

 It is a sensitive issue, since many people grew up with religious beliefs, and before their religion, this is murder.

 What I think should be done is to study each case, since there are people who are not prepared to bring life to this world, and will make those little innocents suffer very much at birth. There will also be women who because of irresponsible men will ruin their lives by not knowing how to raise a child because they are not prepared or because they are raped.

Legalizing abortion would have its good part and would have more bad parts:

  • The good would be able to prevent people who can not raise children for various reasons to suffer those innocent little angels. not being prepared so much economically, on issues of age, psychologically and emotionally.

The bad parts are many, because allowing abortion would be: 

  •  Depriving the right to life of an innocent being who has done nothing wrong.
  • Leaving a trauma to the woman for life.
  • Harming the health of women.
  • Evade responsibility on the part of the man who impregnates the woman.

 And many other bad parts that we can mention and we would not finish.

Abortion is bad, I am against legalizing it just because many people ask for it. First they must analyze each situation well and then they must talk about whether it is feasible or not. I hope they never legalize it.


Abortion is a big thing in our country. As one of the two countries whose Christianity is the most abundant religion, we firmly believe that abortion is equivalent to killing. Therefore for me, legalization of abortion should not be approved.

But it all matter on the culture of people and the way they are believing in. There are a lot of countries who already approved the legalization of it, which they think it will help people in a lot of ways. It also limits the population of a certain country. 

As of my stance, I am against it because it means we are pro-killing people. The worst part is they haven't experience the beauty of life. We deny their chance to live.


What is bad is bad it has no other name.

Putting religion aside,

If this issue is addressed only from the morality viewpoint it will be realised that abortion practices are nothing more than murder in the most base form of prevention of pregnancy.

Medical Experts, while describing abortion process will simply say "just a uterus emptied with the use of suction", totally avoiding the dismemberment of the baby into pieces.

Well everyone involved, the women and the abortionists, know the pain involved. They know that it kills babies and leaves women with hurt and deep regret forever.

It is really a sad thing

And to leave the truth as it is, it is a moral cancer that is deeply rooted among human race of today.