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What is the very interesting movie you want me to watch?

I would strongly recommend the 2006 film Idiocracy.  This "mockumentary" opens with the comparison of a highly intelligent, married couple trying to be responsible about when to raise a family, versus a "family" headed by a low-IQ buffoon who has fathered many children through many different women.  From there it forecasts America's intellectual descent into stupidity over time, and the viewer is treated to a dystopian view of 26th century America, where most of the action takes place.

What makes Idiocracy really interesting is that some of the things that the movie forecast, have already come to fruition in America.  Future generations getting dumber and learning less? Check (Common Core in schools).  Buffoon celebrity president?  Check (Donald Trump).  People having crazy-ass names that no normal adult would consider for their children?  Check (way too many "celebrities").

So if you want to see just how bad things could get in America over the coming decades and centuries, and maybe be inspired to do something to try and prevent that from happening in your own country, Idiocracy is a must-watch film.


If you are a comic fan, then I recommend the Marvel comic universe or MCU series. It is really very good.

If you like science fiction, i would recommend Source code. It is a good movie and raises many questions within.

There are other movies too like the classics (Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility) of Hollywood, kids genre like Harry Potter,  cartoons like Hotel Transylvania series, comedies like The other woman and so on. 

I hope you like my list. 


Do you love crime and detectives then you should check out the Last Ship. It is a series but it is a wonderful movie that would have you at the edge of your seat.

It is about an American naval ship named Nathan James headed by a commander known as Commander Tom Handler with his dedicated team many men and women who have left their families to serve the nation.

They fight terrorist and solve crimes and find cure for epidemics. It is a lovely and must watch movie. Although I am still watching it, I hate whenever I had to leave it to go to work. It is suspense filled and oh very decent in case you wanna watch it with your kids.


Boom!!! If you have not watch Thor Ragnarok then you need to watch it. 

I so much love the movie, especially when Thor sister was introduced and showed some supernatural power that seems to supersede the power of Thor, to the extent that she broke the popular Thor Hammer :) and took over the planet with some zombie solders and a very giant cat.

Thor was defeated until he was shown his power wasn't the hammer that was broken and he fought  back to save his people from his super witch sister. 

The Inspiration part of the movie is the part that he got the motivation from his late father that the source of the power is in his mind and not the hammer. You need to watch if you have not watch the movie.



 Wow!!! It is a very difficult question to answer. It may seem like an easy one but it is equivalent to asking someone which is the best food you have ever tasted. There are just some many movies and yes there are crappy movies and there are good movies but the fact is even good movies has bad moments and Crappy movies can have good redeemable moments. 

My point being you cannot compare "The Lion King" with "Inception", They both are amazing movie in there genres and the best I can do is recommend you some interesting movies genre specific. Otherwise the entire week will go by and I would still be consolidating the list.

Lets start with Action - So in action I can recommend, ...

Wait a minute, The action too has subgenre, like the spy action, Martial art, the military action, the femme fatal style . There are just so many of them.

All I can do is suggest you watch them and enjoy. That is all.

PS: I know my answer is nowhere near to what you have asked but I can't help it.. I just...