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How has forex trading helped you?

Well, it consumed two years of my life with little to show for it other than a bankruptcy.

Although, that time invested in study perhaps DID prepare me better for crypto investing...


I had a Forex account years ago and was planning to become a very small player on the market. I have some experience and knowledge, have studied at the university, so it wasn't all Chinese to me. 

When I chose my platform, I made sure there's a demo version where I can trade with an initial credit from the platform without going live with my invested funds. I had a $5 credit, which is not even pocket money when it comes to trading but it's enough to go live and practice, so started small and was earning pretty nicely. I knew it was just practice because you could only cash out at $25. I was at $16 when all hell broke loose, the Lehman Brothers did what they did and I lost all my fortune :) 

It wasn't a fortune, but it was a good lesson. You think you know what you are doing and then all of a sudden the rug gets pulled out from under you. Despite this unpleasant  episode, I was lucky, basically I didn't lose anything. It was a learning experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do Forex. And I'm also glad that haven't lost my money. If I do this sooner, might have lost a lot. It helped me to understand that you can't have all the facts, there are things behind the scene you can't see and won't ever know but it affects you a lot. 

Others on the other hand have lost everything they have and we're not talking here about a few people. Needless to say more. 


Forex trading has really helped me to become a more successful person and even have more knowledge

about the currency market and the currency business

as a whole,forex trading is a good business that is profitable and also it can be risky too and that is why the higher the risks you take the higher the possibilities of

earning higher profits,so forex trading has also taught me to understand that in life someone needs to be

ready to take risks in other to become a successful and great person....


Forex is a thing that is no stranger to us all, forex has become a job chosen by everyone who is bored with work at the office, income that can be obtained more than just working in the office.


Forex trading is not that lucrative. Why would you want to trade forex in the first place? Crypto market is also 24/7 opened and the volatility is bigger so you can earn more money. 

Forex trading can be good to learn how charting works but i don't like it as a way to make money.

Trade crypto instead, i will show you how:


Million dollar challenge coming soon.