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How long should a person wait to date again after a breakup?

I do not think there is a specific time to dating again when you just got out of a relationship. However, there are few things to consider when deciding to date again. For most people, they can immediately go into another relationship after a break up because this allows them heal. While for others, they need to be completely healed before they can go into another relationship.

These few tips and perhaps questions should help you determine if you're ready to go into another relationship after a break up.

1. Are you ready?: You just got out of a relationship which was so full of drama. Are you ready to begin shooting another series of the drama with a completely different person? Are you ready to deal with all the things you had to deal with and maybe even more. Remember, this is an entirely new person.

2. Are you emotionally stable?: Do you still think of your past relationship and wish you were still with him/her? Do you still get hurt when you are alone and he comes to your mind.

If you can answer these questions truthfully and sincerely, then I'm sure you'd be able to tell yourself when you should be going into a new relationship. And if your answers to these questions are in the negative, then wait until you're completely healed.




Breaking up is not an easy thing for most people. Sometimes it becomes a barrier to dating others. Heal yourself

from breaking up is very subjective and personal. So there is no right formula to determine how long to wait to be able to date another. But, that does not mean that after breaking up we will never date again.

To date again after a breakup, someone has to wait until he can forget his ex-boyfriend. Besides that, even though it's been a long time ago, we still find out about the former, still keeping memories and photos of our ex-boyfriend, this could be a sign, we are not ready to start a new relationship.

Organizing your heart and your life is very important too before we establish a new relationship and date again after breaking up. This is so that we don't rush into dating again and make it an outlet for our past experiences.

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As long as it takes for you to recognize yourself again.

Being in a relationship entails that you share with the other person. You share so much with the person that you are joined together on some levels, on many levels.

That's one of the reasons why it hurts when you break up. It's as if you are being ripped apart... In many cases, you are.

So you have to heal. You have to go back to being you. Although you can never go back to the person you were, you just have to heal and recognize yourself again.

It is important that you don't jump into another relationship when you are not healed, or you'll carry a bleeding heart to the next person, and because you are not healed and are still in pain, everything you do or react to will be from the place of hurt.

So, take as much time as is needed to heal before trying again. Take as much time as you need to get used to being just you again. Take as much time as you need to be certain that you have learned your lessons.

Just take as much time as you need.


To me, I don't think there is a specific time needed to start up another relationship after a breakup. It is actually hurtful when someone experiences a break up in a relationship, the only way it is not going to be hurting is if actually you had been praying for it.

After one is involved in a breakup, one needs time to actually think about his or herself. Think about what you really want in life. What you need to do to make life more better. The end of a relationship can never be the end of life. If your ex lover was so much in love with you then he or she would not want a break up. A good relationship is based on trust. Even if you want to enter into another relationship, you will probably need some time to study your new partners life. It is not advisable to be so much in a hurry to go into another relationship after having a break up to me. But as fate may have it, one might still be lucky to find a soul mate just after having a break up. The one thing I know is that relationship needs trust and understanding. One must have to understand someone before going into a relationship with the person.

So to answer your question, the time one needs to go into a new relationship after breaking up is;

.• As soon as you recover from your emotional weakness

• Once you have understanding of your lover to be

• When you feel your lover to be is trust worthy

• When your mind tells you that you are loved and you love the person in return.

Thanks for your educative question.


There are some individuals who actually start dating again as quick as possible after a breakup not actually because they are over the breakup or that they have moved on,,also not actually because they really want to date again but just simply because they want to show off to their ex that yeah they are actually happy and really better off without them eventhough the reality says otherwise..-- i believe that is the worst thing that anyone should not be doing after a breakup..., ,because by actually doing that it means you are still thinking and probably still stalking your ex more and more and also kind of feeling insecure even while pretending that you have moved on....

my advice to anyone that is facing this same issue is that you should first of all Indulge yourself in some actual re-building activities or form of hobbies that would really help you to heal your wounds -ensure that you stay away from all situations or events that could definitely remind you about your ex and the breakup itself.. --- but even if you are dragged into a situation which could make you remember your ex then just stay cool,ensure that you just really stay at the top of your game....

So the bottomline is that When your actual emotional wounds have been healed, and you actually feel so good and also secure and you are emotionally prepared for another relationship,then that is the right time to date again after a breakup...


It won't be easy to just jump to another relationship after breakup except your the one that actually ask for it.

It hurts so much to go through a break up and many people make the mistake of rushing into another relationship without taking time to heal from the hurts of their last relationship.

If you are jumping from one bad relationship to the next, it may be a sign that you are taking things a bit too fast and rushing into new relationships without really healing from the past one. New relationships are fragile and rushing through them without taking time might spell disaster.


There's no written rule about the supposed period between breakup and dating again. People can be pretty different. Others find it easy to move on, and date with a new one. While others finds it hard to date with another person again after the break-up. There are things to consider again before dating again. If you have moved on, and th pains of the past had diminished, then you might be ready to date again.


There is no specific time at all. It all depends on you. If you're ready to move on.

It's bad if you get into another relationship just to get over the other person, you might end up with the wrong person.

This is a clear indication that you're desperate.

My candid advise, don't rush into a new relationship, take your time to heal.

Don't go to another simply because you wanna forget about your previous relationship. It's wrong and unhealthy.

You have to be emotionally stable before thinking of moving on with someone else.

Never look pitiful, a man can love you out of pity; he can change to something else once he is done pitying you. A man can easily use you and dumb you if he knows you're not emotionally fine.

There is no specific time for you date again, you only need time to heal, to clear your eyes.

Be fine!


As long as he/she chooses.