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Is it possible for “fear” to make someone become motivated?

Fear can motivate people but to be motivated by fear is taxing. It takes a toll on physical and mental health. Fear works best as a motivator if what needs to be done is simple and repetitive. That's because imagination and creativity do not work well in a fearful state of mind. The stronger the fear the more strongly people will resort to the tried and true or the instinctual. You can whip people into building canals or working 16-hour shifts in gigantic Soviet tank factories churning out thousands of tanks per year to replace the constant and massive losses on the front. But you can't frighten people into creating revolutionary technological innovations. That the fundamental reason why leadership gurus have been talking about inspiration, internal motivation and things like that for quite some time.

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Yes! You can actually be motivated with the fear of failure. The fear of failure is an incentive to make you achieve your goals and it keeps you motivated.

I have experienced this and I can confidently tell you that it worked well and perfectly for me. The fact is that most successful people of today made use of the fear of failure to achieve their greater heights. To make this more explicit, I will share some experiences with you which backs up my point as an evidence to my answer.

During my days of college, I wasn't that serious because I don't like reading books. I hate books such that I love to play and waste time on irrelevant things during those days. I just dislike the idea of reading or solving Mathematics. I used to hate students who were very studious and serious with their studies back then for no reason or maybe it because they were just too serious for my liking.

As a student back then, we were expected to write internal exams from the school which every other students do write in their required schools. I used to have poor grade back then because I don't like studying. I don't even study for exams because I already knew how Unserious I was back then.

When I got promoted to my final class in the school, I then decided it was time to be serious because the questions were always set from another country because it is an official exam that will determine your entrance into higher institution. If you don't pass the O level exam, you can never get admitted into any higher institution. My parents also tried their best to enroll me in some tutoring centers all because of this official exam. I studied very little due to my level of unseriousness and I sat for the exam. The exam was very difficult for me to answer which made me answered very few questions out of the bulky questions. After my final exam, it was time to leave the school finally and wait for our result which may guarantee our success into higher institution to proceed our studies.

While I was just scrolling through my Facebook feeds, I saw a message pumped in through my notification icon claiming the results is out. I had to check it with courage and I performed very poor. My grades were very bad which made me perceive myself as a failure. My depression increased when my friends in the hood had good grades and I was very shy to show them my results because it was just too poor. My parents weren't happy with me and they felt very sad about my result after their financial effort and physical effort just to make me pass that exam. I was just in door for several weeks hiding myself because I don't want anyone asking me about my poor results.

My mum's friend came to visit us and he asked about it results and I showed him. He said I won't be able to get into the University with this poor result. He then said "I still have another chance to register for another alternative exam that is also equivalent to the certificate of the first exam". On hearing this, there was a bit of hope in me because I just want to proof myself to the world that I can do better. When my parents heard this, they were like "he will surely fail again! What is the essence of wasting money for another registration. They just had to pay for the registration fee hoping I will do better.

I looked into the mirror and I said to myself that I will have an excellent result. I said to myself that I can do this!. I had to develop the habit of reading such that I was able to finish different textbooks and I was very confident in answering any questions I came across. I went online searching for difficult questions because almost all questions looked very simple to me. I was fully prepared for the exam before I got the message of my exam date and center. I entered the exam hall and I was smiling after checking the because they were just too simple for me to answer. Guess what? I trashed those questions and I walked out or the exam hall with the hope that I will pass the examination.

While I was just on my way to my friend's place, I saw my dad with a very happy face towards me with delicious snacks and gifts on his right hand. He told me you did very well in your exams and I am very proud of you. He gave me the snacks and I ate them with joy. I was very happy about this and this experience has shaped my life for better because I now know how it feels to be a failure and how it is to be successful.

Similarly, there are great men like Thomas Edison who failed 99 times all in the cause of inventing a light bulb but his failure never stopped him from achieving success. This means anyone who fails can actually achieve something great in life provided he is willing to achieve it.

In conclusion, the driving force that made me succeed was my fear of failure because I know how it is to fail and I don't want to fail. I just have to keep staying motivated and make use of failure as my incentive for motivation.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Yes, definitely!

Whenever we encounter a problem, we are motivated to act & solve the problem as an escape to the unpleasant circumstances that we are in.

It can be rooted to our genes, our ancestors are one of the weakest specifies during the early days of our existence. During that time, the will to survive is fueled by the fear of being killed by the species that are deemed to be the predator of humans.

To put it simply, our fear to fail a test is a motivation for us to study further. Our fear of being poor gives us the motivation to work hard and earn more.

Aside from the motivation brought by our aspiration to achieve our goal, we are also motivated to by our fear to fail not to achieve the results that we aspire.


A big yes. We usually see a lot of challenges in our life. And most of the part of decision making is driven by the fear. One day you will eventually give-up on this fearness and you will play it normally like you do with other tasks. There is nothing like fear unless and until you want to waste your brain power in it. Either you will do it or you will not based on your circumstances. And always believe in your decision and stand strong with it. Be constant with your goals and decision and you will this "fear" as a joke. Take things lightly, you do not have to be serious. Think simple and you will keep it simple. Thinking complex will only going to add unnecessary and invisible obstacles which will turn in to fear just because you are accepting it as a fear. It depends on our mentality. Choose wisely - live well!


Yes, Definitely!

if you take it positive!

Fear is the middle time between your struggle to becomes successful and in your success.

If you fear from trying, because there is a chance for you to get failed, That's not a big deal, Here you need to think, if you don't try? what are the things you are missing?

if your fear of getting failed changes to what i will miss if i don't try? 

This fear will keep you motivated and then you will try hard to reach to your destiny.


definitely! ie if you boss tell you to finish something by tml 12pm or u get fired. (fear)

doctor diagnose one of your love one with cancer and need $10k treatment by end of the mth(fear), u will do whatever it takes to get that 10k

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the answer to this question to me is yes.

fear can makes people become motivated. that is fear of failure can make you work harder , study harder and even invest more , all this are just little of what fear can really make you do. for a example, a young boy from a rich family that doesnt wanna be a failure, because of that fear of failure, he becomes more motivated in doing the little things he do ignore before right. he then sees reasons to become more focus. fear of failure generally makes human stay more motivated


It is a motivational tool to some extend. Once fear reaching an overwhelming level then it is not healthy at all. Some fear can create the motivation to work hard. I am not sure if there is something called the healthy fear and the unhealthy fear. Unhealthy fear is when fear is too overwhelming that it out powers our thoughts and cripples our dreams. Some of these fears isn't real but it can hypnotize us to believe that its real. Imagine haven't started a business but already imagining the failure of it.

If it's a fear of working for others for a nine to five job then it's more on the healthy side. It would be a normal fear.


It's funny but fear is one of the best motivators. The rationale behind it is that the fear is real and there could be consequences that we don't want to comprehend.

Fear of failure and learning from your mistakes. No one wants to repeat them and that fear drives us to achieve more. What have you learnt previously otherwise?

Fear will help you concentrate on the now things you can influence and fix. channeling ones energies into positivity and resolving what is right in front of you is a start in the right direction.

Fear will drive you on to new heights to do the extras. It will inspire you to not stop at anything as you have no choice. fear has taken any chance of a backward step away and you can only move forward.

Fear will make you do things that you are not normally comfortable at doing. If you have to do a presentation you will just have to do it. To be successful we have to do the uncomfortable things in life and this is a motivational factor.

The fear of failure is not an option it should be a massive driving force to achieve things you have only dreamed about. We all have it in us and it is a matter of harvesting these powers.



Simply put, we can be motivated towards an object or situation or away from an object or situation. In sports most athletes have strong positive self-motivation. Athletes and players who pursue careers over ten to fifteen years must have strong self-motivation and also the ability to move towards the goals they have set. This is why goal setting is one of the basic tools of sports psychology. When an athlete or team sets specific and realistic goals, they then apply a plan to move towards that goal and what makes them move towards the goal is their level of motivation.

Motivation is also an emotional state and is dominated by two main emotions, fear and desire. Both fear and desire have opposition but are equally effective results. Fear is a strong negative motivator and athletes who are afraid of losing or looking bad on the field will experience problems through their playing careers. On the other hand, desire is a powerful motivator and encourages athletes to achieve their goals. Athletes who fall into the category of fear may benefit from a sports psychologist or Performance Mind Coach.

Fearful players clearly repeat haunting experiences when they play badly in the past and this can be a constant reminder that the same experience will likely repeat it in the future. My advice is only to express the talent you have rather than hold it back because you are afraid of what other people might think or feel. Athletes who fall into the category of desire will look for memories of great performances and success and will arouse the need to replay this great show and even create a new winning experience in the future. Therefore it is important for athletes to focus their minds on the results they want to achieve rather than focusing on what they fear and do not want to happen.

High-achieving leaders and people are self-motivated and always move toward what they think the most. Remember that high-achieving leaders and people may not always be the most talented but you will find that they are driven, focused, and very persistent. They have a strong motive for success and seeking the sensation of victory, while being motivated by fear of failing to try to avoid suffering suffering. So what if an athlete is consistently motivated to succeed combined with a strong fear of failure? Does this show that he will perform better than an athlete who is motivated only by the desire to succeed? The answer tends to be no.

Research has found that this is because anxiety related to fear of failure can negate the impact of the need for achievement and can weaken performance. The research also found that in sports, athletes or teams with high fear of failure are athletes or teams that tend to choke under pressure.

In the climate of sports motivation we will find a climate of motivation for success. This success is often influenced by people like parents, teachers, managers, and coaches. There are two climates, athletes in a climate that involve the ego and those involved in a climate that involves mastery. In climate athletes that involve egos and players compared to each other and are urged to compete to be the best.

The best performers usually receive special attention. In mastery involving climate, effort, the enjoyment of sports and personal improvement is emphasized and valued. The assumption here is that if athletes work hard to reach their potential and give all their efforts and win will take care of themselves. The two concepts of success above can have a very strong effect on sports people especially on young athletes who start. The key is to focus on your own development, self-improvement and performance because you don't have control of your teammates or competitors' performance.

You only have control over developing your own abilities and talents. Your talent may determine how good you are but your motivation will determine whether you use that talent or not. We have all seen and heard great players who have no internal motivation to act and express their extraordinary talent or great players who are only afraid to express it.

Don't let fear become your main motivator.

Choose desires, feel fear, and do it.


Yea it is but on a more clear n contrary note, it could be very hardly attained in the sense that some people audaciousness emerges as a result of complex and scaring life encounter but on the other hand it leaves other people to be more prone to cowardice


Fear will undoubtedly be a supply of motivation.

Take emotions as a mystery box. You ne'er recognize what they may bring for you.

Fear let’s you recognize wherever the road is.

Let Me provide you with a reference.


The supply of Bruce selecting to become a 6-foot bat comes from his concern of wacky once he was younger and his call to use that concern against his enemies.

You see, typically the concern becomes thus intolerable that you simply plan to use it as a strength.

Here’s a fact:

Admiral Hoaratio Nelson was actually sea-sick and nevertheless he has been a outstanding figure within the American War of Independence.

Point being, it's on you ways you employ your emotions.

It can often be a driving force or otherwise.