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How to avoid depression without using drugs,any idea?

Depression is one of the mental health issues affecting a lot of people today. If it worsens, a depressed person can likely resort to suicide which needs to be avoided.

Many depressed people prefer to conceal it. Recently, I read about smiling depression which is difficult to spot if a person is suffering depression in silence. They prefer that way due to stigma. That's why they won't consult a professional to undergo therapy or be prescribed with antidepressants.

I can sense someone is currently at depressive state by asking this question, but I advise you to seek help. First, you need to have an outlet. Have someone whom you can tell what you are going through. That person should be someone who will understand you. By consulting a specialist, you can ask him/her what you can do without an aid of drug. Some therapies does not require synthetic medicines to treat depression

But if you really don't want to consult a specialist, it's actually really up to you. I won't judge you because I have been there, and I cannot say I am fully well. Depression can come and go, and come back. I cannot say I fully well, but I am determined. There are some ways which you can do which is to avoid things that will stress you. Another thing is to have a good amount of sleep. 7-9 hours of sleep is advisable. You can also eat foods that can boost your serotonin such as foods rich in Omega 3, as well as some nuts. Vitamin B and D are also essential vitamins to normalize your serotonin levels. Low serotonin levels can actually cause depression. You can also try deep breathing which I usually do daily. Emotional Freedom Technique can also help against anxiety disorders, a disorder which also triggers depression. As a believer, prayer helps me, and I hope it can help you as well.

It's not easy to get depressed, but again, I will advise you to seek help. Have a confidant. If necessary, undergo therapies that can help you lessen your depressive episodes.


I ahve been depressed before, and one of the best things you can do is focus on keeping yourself busy doing the things you enjoy. Depression is a strange thing - the more depressed you feel the less you want to do things that will make you feel better.

I also find that eating healthy foods has a huge impact on how I feel. I try and excersize regularly and find that when I dont my mental health suffers. This can be anything from walking to running or going to the gym and lifting weights. Getting the blood flowing resleases endoprhins and makes you feel good.

Drugs and alcohol probably arent going to help if you are feeling depressed either, and are more likely to mask the problem. Some people can drink and do drugs in moderation and not have it hugely affect them.

There is often a reason behind why people get depressed, and it takes alot of insight and thought to figure out what it is that is making you feel this way and making any changes needed to stop you from being depressed.

FIghting depression is a lifelong battle - I have been depressed before, and there have been times where I have come close to givign in again, but have had to fight to stay healthy and do whatever is needed to stay healthy

Have enough sleep, do some exercise 30 minutes a day or more, go out the house and do some activities, go with someone who always makes you happy and makes you laugh and avoid negative thinking.