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How to get a lot of votes on musing.io?

First of all Musing is not bound to upvote any question or any answer that is placed by us.

If a user get an upvote from the musing curation team than consider it a bonus for the work that you did while making the question or answering the question. 

Musing does not takes profit from the upvotes that it gives towards the users in Musing.io so it is acting selflessly just by helping and encouraging users to be active and communicative in here. Help each other y asking and answering questions. 

While if you want to get an upvote than you should keep few things in mind while you are here :

Do not copy/paste or plagiarize in here it is highly restricted .You will loose your works effort and it will put a bad impression in your work in here. 

Be yourself while asking or answering questions .Use your own words as much as possible . If images or quotes taken from other sources include it in you post/comment.

While curation team is continuously searching for good questions and answers and upvoting them everyday by their standards  and quality.

You can check for the Musing Curation Guidelines here 



Upvote from musing.io is not guaranteed.  

However, there are two way by which upvotes can be earned.

First through asking questions. Before asking questions following should be kept in mind.

Question should be relevant.

Avoid asking repeated question.

Question asked should be clear and properly described.

Second way of getting upvtoes is by answering the questions asked by the user. Following should be kept in mind while answering:

Answer given should be relevant to the question asked.

Given complete explanation of answer for better understanding.

Avoid coping others content. Otherwise you will be flagged.


Musing.io is a platform where you can ask questions and give answers to others questions. Musing is very helpful platform for newbies and also for those who doesn't know about steemit and musing.io.

Musing helps its user by two ways. First of all musing helps its user by knowing them the unknown. And the second one is musing help its user by giving them a handsome value of free upvotes to the creative answers.

To get upvotes from musing you need to do many things.

1. Firstly, you should not do copy and paste of anyone's answer. If you do this then you will not get upvote.

2. Secondly, your answers should be well furnished.

3. Thirdly, you should write your answers in your own way and word.

4. Finally, we have to see others answers which got upvotes from musing and you should read them. Then you will understand what kinds of answers get upvotes from musing.

If you do this things then it will be said that you will get upvotes from musing.


When you use Musing, you can get upvote either on your question or on your answer. Now the question is, how to ask question or give answer to get a lot of votes. To find out that, you will have to keep reading.

Always ask relevant question that you really want to know. Don't ask a question with a view to getting upvote or just for sake of asking.

Ask your question directly. If you need to give a little more description, you can use  Description  (optional)  to explain what you are looking for.

Avoid asking the same question over and over again. Someone asked the same question before, you can just take a look at the answer of that question instead of asking again.

To get upvote on your answer, you have to give quality answer. First read the question and try to understand it. And then give your answer.

Give your answer on your own words. Do not copy and paste something from other site. Your answer has to be original.

When you give your answer, answer the question in such a way so that everyone can understand that. You can give example or share something from your own experience.

Quality answer does not have specific length. So just give a answer that satisfies the person who asked the question. 

Do not go and give every questions answer whether you know the answer or not. Only answer question that you know very well.

Your answer should be specific and to the point. Do not say something that is irrelevant.

When you answer any question, you are helping other people, It is not guarantee that you will get upvote. Think of getting upvote from @musing is a bonus. 

The last but not least, never give, Keep using Musing and help other people to solve the problem by answering their questions. 

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By simply following their guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA/edit

But a little creativity and uniqueness on your answer would really help. If someone ask a hypothetical scenario or a situational problem, do not just agree on other people's answers but think outside the box if you can. What I really love about Musing is that for some subjective problems in here, I could practice thinking outside the box and come up with a unique answer.

Just like in any other platforms, originality added with good grammar and a few-to-no typos will surely help anyone. Good Luck! :)


There are a number of ways to get votes on musing. 

Firstly read the question thoroughly and answer it if you can. It must be a good answer in order to stand any chance of being looked at and voted on. Musing is not obligated to vote on every answer as they only benefit from curation. You the user benefit more. Don't expect anything is the right attitude to have and anything you receive is a bonus.

Do not copy from other sites or other answers by copying and pasting. You will be warned if you do this. Just be your self and be original.There are some guidelines that may be of use to understand what musing is all about. 



Since Musing is a question answer platform, all you can do is to ask question and give answer. And if you do this properly, you can get a lot of upvote.

Ask question to know the answer, not to get the upvote. That's the punching line. If you get upvote on your question, that's a bonus.

Before giving any question's answer, understand the question first and then answer the question. What you want to say, say it directly. Do not just use unnecessary words and sentences to make it complicated.  Keep it simple and sweet.

Don't write something to make your answer look bigger. 

You can follow one simple technique to get big upvote. That is, visit Musing Home page. You will see answers with big upvote. Just read those answers and observe how they answer question. You will know what works and what not. Get inspired from that, and implement that when you answer any question on Musing.

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How do you get a lot of noise on musing.io? that is, we must often learn and give opinions or correct answers so that we can be seen by others or friends of musing. How do we answer very relevant answers when they see our very relevant answers so they are very salute with us because in this musing.io friend's mind is very trying to answer the question posed by musing.io