How do you answer musing.io using images?

If you want to use images in your response to a Musing question:

1: Click on the image icon that is located just above the answer text box. It looks like a panorama of mountains and the sun:

2: Paste the url of your image into the pop-up box and then click on the ADD button:

3: A great tip if you need to quickly generate a url for your image: Use the drag-and-drop image facility on Steemit. Simply open a new comment, drag in your image and drop it, and Steemit will generate a new url for you. Copy the url from within the brackets (it starts with https and ends with png).  

4: Make sure to add sources to any photos that you add and to only use photos that have the appropriate image rights. All the images I have added are taken from Musing.io or Steemit.com.

Hey presto! Your Musing answer just took on a whole new look!



 Yes I have answered musing.io using image URL option and it's a very good option to use. 

At the very beginning I tried to use image in musing by providing link from direct source but become so confused cause the image was not showing. I did use pixabay, imgbb, screent shot from lightshot but no links worked. Actually the problem might be from image size. The image size might be too big for musing. Then one of my friend told me to upload image through tinypic.com and that was a life saving advice. Now everything is working quite well. 

I think you know how to use tinypic. But I'm telling you for your convenience. Take a photo or select from your computer and upload it in tinypic.com. Then resize it to small size. After processing you will get the image URL. They will provide the all types of URL like 

  • URL for email or IM
  • URL for Direct link to layout
  • HTML Code
  • IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards 

You have to use the direct link for musing.io. By the way don't forget to register at tinypic.com

Hope this will help you. Thank You for reading