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What would be a great Steem show?
As you sure have noticed that the price of Steem is no where we all want it to be. Same as the activity on Steem. I love engagement on my posts and still looking for a fun way to get people to involve and engage. I got one idea lately and that was going quite well for my first episode of 'SEX N' STEEM' series. Now, the question is, if I would like to expand and create more shows like this on my DTube Channel, something Steemians would love and would like to engage more just like that initiative I'd mentioned.. What do you think would be a good idea for the new shows or series?? conditions : - Gotta be steemians involved though doesn't have to be Steem related - People would be interested in the topics and would be willing to engage - Fun / funny / lovely / awesome :D

Well most steemians love to talk about steem and only steem related things and in my own opinion that will not improve the quality of people and contents we see on the steem blockchain.

If you're going to do anything that is going impact the platform positively you will have to look outside the box and think of ways to push traffic to your vlog. One way you can do so is by talking about trending issues on social media or your country. Something people are willing to listen to. It might not have a direct impact on your steem earnings as most of your views will be coming from outside the steem ecosystem but in the long run you can build a brand for yourself.

Sadly, there isn't much people outside the steem ecosystem would want to see here and I hope in the going years steemians will have a boarder look and approach in terms of creating content. There are over 3billions internet users. We only have less than 2milluons users of the steem blockchain. In other words the world is bigger than the steem ecosystem and opportunities await those who will actively seek it.


SEX is definitely the catchiest theme of all time.

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