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Has @ musing-io applied for @steemit.com SP delegation: If not "why" : If "yes" what is the probability that @musing will be successful as applied?

I think musing moderators will be in a very good position to answer the above question. I actually hope musing team might have applied for the SP delegation from steemit. Musing is a great platform and one of the best community on the steem blockchain which is impacting Steemit positively. There are lots of Steemians who are able to ask questions on things that seems ambiguous to them and they always get more than 2 explicit answers from different experts on Musing including free upvotes.

I can remember we once applied for the SP delegation from steemit Inc and we were actually given some cool amounts of SP which was used to curate quality questions and answers from Steemians and this practice really attracted lot of people into the steemit community with lots of users utilizing musing. This also led to the competition between Quora and Musing since the number of Musing users were increasing which leads to the increase in number of Steemit users. Everything was actually going smoothly and interesting until Steemit Inc withdrew their delegation from Musing for some reasons best known to them and this actually affected the number of users on Musing back then such that some people who joined Steemit because of Musing had to leave the platform since they weren't getting any cool incentive (upvotes) except for the very few of us who decided to stay.

I strongly believe if Steemit Inc can delegate some cool amount of SP to some productive dApps and community such as Musing and others, it will surely add more to the development of the platform and there is also chance of gaining more new users on Steemit because everyone wants to be rewarded for their activities.

In conclusion, I believe if musing applies for the SP delegation we may actually be given our delegation since we are a productive community and platform on the steem blockchain which helps people ask questions and answer questions in addition to the cool upvotes they gain as their reward.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.