I foresee an Education system different from the contemporary; where markboards will be replaced by electronic devices and classrooms decentralised, with one teacher ,from a circuited domain:What do you think? Why ?

I actually thought about this method or approach of educational advancement and I hope they start implementing or adopting such system in our modern educational system in our country. There are actually some countries adopting such technological system when it comes to teaching their students mostly in advanced countries.

I think it's high time we start focusing on things that can aid or assist our educational system by adopting technological system and modern development. I see no reason why we should always be stuck with writing boards and constant scheme of work when there can be room for improvement and technological advancement in our educational system.

Apart from saving the stress of teachers or tutors writing on the chalk board, it also creates a conducive and friendly environment for learning amongst students. It also increases the level of exposure and experiences of students as regards to what they learn and technological implementation.

In conclusion, I hope our government adopt such system by investing more in education which has to do with the career development of our students and their level of exposure and understanding by creating a friendly, comfortable and conducive environment for learning.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.