What would you consider as the three best attractions of interacting in musing-io?

There are alot of things that I enjoy about musing but I'll try and list out my favourite three;

1. Earning: It goes without saying that one of the best things about interacting on musing is that you get to earn some coin for answering questions. It's arguably the driving factor for most of us on musing and the proof of this is the sharp decline in activity on musing when the delegation was pulled.

2. Learning: I've learned so much from asking and answering questions on musing. There are questions which had me do research for hours before I could answer and there were burning questions in my mind which I only found answers to when I joined musing. Anyone that's a lover of knowledge will not be able to resist the allure of musing.

3. Friendship; I've made a good number of friends just by answering questions on musing and there are alot of people who I make alot of efforts to answer their questions on musing simply because we've become friends and I wouldn't want to leave a friend hanging when they're in need.

I hope this helps.


1. It is a reasonable and functional input-output system for acquiring desirable information. 

2. It is populated by the SteemIt community, where a significant amount of innovative ideas and effective approaches to problem solving can be found.

3. The opportunity to accumulate STEEM. 


The three best attractions of interactions on musing.

1. Gaining Knowledge:

This is obviously the reason everyone should be on musing in the first place. Because if you're here for anything other than the knowledge -- to share and to receive -- then honestly you're here for the wrong reason.

Especially when you consider the fact that musing is such great platform for that.

Here there are actual direct question and answer -- there is no better direct way to see what people are curious about; to put down what *you* are curious about; to share your knowledge and get other people's knowledge directly too.

So I would say that that is the first attraction of interaction on the music platform. And a great too.

2. Meeting New Fun People

The second attraction of interaction on musing is the fact that you get to meet new people.

Here on musing we have people from all over the entire world. You can get to know them, get to know about their culture, get to know about the believes. And the best part is thatit all reflects on the profile.

It is all there in the kind of questions they asked, the kind of answers they give. I mean sometimes you just read some people's answer or check out their questions and you know that this person, even though the different, has the same kind of mind as you, and that you'll be able to relate with each other.

And there is no better way to meet new people. And did I mention they all come with different reputation and experience, giving you even more connection than you have.

And we all know how important connecting is in the 21st century!

3. Getting Upvotes:

While this may be the least important of the three attractions to interaction, it is no doubt what mentioning.

Because let's face it, after the attraction of knowledge the attraction of upvote is the second important thing that draws people to the platform.

And why not, too?

You get to do what you love, learn and share, and get rewarded for it in terms of upvote. There's no better feeling!