Why are some folks left handed??, Is it a disease, Can it be outgrown??

Being left handed isn't any sign of disease or shortcomings but it always occur as a result of one's upbringing. I have lot of friends who seems to be left handed when it comes to writing or doing some other sort of activities involving the use of the hand. They actually feel very comfortable using their left hand just like you feel comfortable using your right hand.

One of the cause of being left handed is mostly as a result of one's upbringing as I have stated earlier. Some parents actually taught their children to the things like writing and other activities with their left hand such that they become so addicted and accustomed to their method of writing which makes them end up being left handed as the grow up.

In conclusion, being left handed isn't a disease and it doesn't makes anyone a deviant in the society. We have lot of successful people and influential people who are also left handed when it comes to doing their activities with their hand.

Can it actually be outgrown?

Well, this actually depends on the level of determination of the individual involved. The fact is that it becomes very difficult to quit or abandon what you are already addicted or used to because it isn't a day job. It requires time, effort and dedication to give up on such cause. I will suggest we leave them alone and let them leave their lives provided they aren't complaining about it since they feel happy and they love what they are doing when it comes to using their left hand.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.