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Why Dictators Abound and Thrive in Most Developing Nations?

First of all, developing nations are still developing hence this will also be evident in their style and system of government, because of this, things like political education won't be really rampant and because of this people will not be fully inculcated into the full understanding of democracy. Infact some nations, their citizens do not even know the stipulated time a leader should spend in power and this is because they don't understand or even know because they do not know the full stipulation of the constitution and this is in turn caused by ignorance, poverty and lack of education.

If you notice, most dictators these days and in the past were majorly from African countries that are Underdeveloped, so as a result of this people don't even know that as the electorate, power resides with them rather than the people they put in power, so because of this they're often mistreated, policies are often made to be unfavourable to the people.

The most important reason is because Underdeveloped countries are often unaccounted, that is the wealth resources and means are often too numerous and these leaders often become dictators because they can't afford to leave because the often embezzle a whole lot of fund so as a result of this they want to rule forever, become tyrants and have all the nation wealth, this was proven in dictators like Idi Amin of Uganda and Abacha of Nigeria. They were total looters and tyrants and because of their military system they were dictators on people who can't even help understand the onus of true governance.