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Why do some answers in musing io attract as much as 100s upvotes while others gets much less?

If you see 100 upvotes then you must not take that it is from musing account. The user must have been using bot or a curation trail to get his answer upvoted by such numbers. In all other case, all are normal votes from musing. So don't go by numbers rather check whether it is upvoted by musing or not. If it is upvoted by musing then it is really something to have an attention. 

Curation here is still a complex thing as you can see so many upvotes but in reality very less readers. How many reads a particular question or answer matter most than how many upvotes the same get. Unfortunately we don't have a system in place to check how many actually reads a question. Therefore there is a dire need of organic reader and hence a culture in this ecosystem. 


Most likely the person has a lot of followers that are using an auto vote service to vote for everything that they post.  Either that or they are using a bid bot service to buy votes for their post.  There used to be someone on there that was notorious for doing that.  I don't see them around much anymore though.  Typically answering a question on here is seen as a comment and not an actual post.  Since most trail vote services only vote posts on your main blog, it is most likely that they have bought votes for their answer.  Either that or they used the "post to blog" button and that is giving them the follower votes.  Personally I wouldn't use either of those services for my Musing posts.  I think the curators have a pretty tough job reading the posts and artificially inflating the value by purchasing votes or posting it so it gets trail votes just makes things harder for them.

I guarantee it is one of those two reasons that you are seeing what you are seeing though.