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What was the one act of kindness or love from your partner, that cemented their love in your heart?

There have been so many of such instances that cemented the relationship. The fact that my husband married me, a person with high myopia, extremely fragile and thin person and who had not much of a job with any perks and not much of a wealthy gal. I still respect him for taking the step and inviting me to share his life. 

The second and most important factor is his ability to sift truth from false. Both my in- law's and my sister in laws tried a lot and even orchestrated dramas to separate  us but my husband saw through their lies and did not agree to divorce me or even harm me as they often suggested. This was what made me stick on to my marriage. I do know how to retaliate and I would have easily had my way if they had gone to court but sticking on despite verbal abuse was only because I love my husband and did not want others to ruin our bond. 

Karma has its way and both in laws fell sick and I was the one to take care. Those who supported their lies and even instigated them were only after their money and did not care to look after them when my mil was diagnosed with dementia. 

Sticking through thick and thin makes a relationship strong enough to withstand the storms. 


One act? I can't think of just one act as the thing that cemented their love in my heart. I can relate with multiple acts because an act would never be enough. I mean who wouldn't put energy into an act just to impress another? Humans can be masters at anything they put their hearts to deceit inclusive. So, just one act didn't work it or make it happen for me.

One very important thing I can remember is consistency in wanting and pursuing my progress. There's this notion about how that men wouldn't want their lady to go too far, carrier-wise, business or even life in general because they fear that when she starts to do well, they would lose her submission simply because they are control freaks. They feel that when she's doing well, she would become independent and so wouldn't be loyal to them. I'm not sure where this ideology originated from but I sure do know that it is a fallacy.

I've watched my partner pursue things and matters that concern me like they are personally his. He's gone out of his way on several occasions to prove that he wants my progress by his encouragements. He gifts me books to help me study while I still was in school. He watches out for my back and always at my defense. He spurs me to do better, challenges me to grow. He inspires excellence in me because he kept telling me that I am not a mediocre.

When he goes out and sees something beautiful that I'll like, he gets it for me as a sign that he has me in his thoughts. He is my number one fan cheering me to victory. He tells me Joyce, I know that you are not a poor specimen. I believe in you, in your abilities and in your future. These were random acts of kindness. It broke my every resolve not to bask in the euphoria of his love. These multiple acts cemented his love in my heart.

I mean everyone wants someone who is able to drive them to be better than they already are. And that for me was progress because it came consistently. I felt like a well watered flower and I just fell head over heels in love with him.