Where can we see more detailed reputation score?
Let's say your rep. score is 60. But you would like to know if you are already close to 61. Where can you see rep. score like.... 60.8657 (That's just an example)

If you check busy.org and hover over the reputation number you can see the detailed reputation score.

Your rep is currently 57.601. Precisely!

If you want the underlying number you can check on steemd:


At the bottom of the left hand panel you can see the reputation number. For you it's 4,191,677,884,856.

You can translate between the two using the following formula:

  • Take the log base 10 of the raw score
  • Subtract 9
  • Multiply by 9
  • Add 25
  • Round down to the nearest integer

(source: https://steemit.com/steemit/@digitalnotvir/how-reputation-scores-are-calculated-the-details-explained-with-simple-math)

Your underlying reputation number (the large one) increases with the amount of rshares awarded to you by upvotes. So it's possible to work out how many dollars of upvotes you need to reach the next reputation level by looking at the amount of rshares you get awarded for a $1 vote and backsolving through the calculations above.

Good luck!


Few apps will help you easily to get a exact record of your Reputation Score in decimals 


not only it will show you your Repuation Score, it will show you every action that you take in Steem Blockchain be that it may be Upvote, comment, post update, delegations, Rewards and many more. It is easy and efficient and not a lot of time consuming.


It does not shows all the details but the Reputation Score the Upvotes/downvotes, post payout details, post payment ratios,  Rewards and voting percentage as well.

These two are the easiest and convenient ones but there are other ways as well

like there is 


Steemplus Extension 


Hope it helps.


To check your reputation score or value may seem difficult on the normal steemit.com website because it expresses the values in whole numbers.

I make use of two ways to check my reputation value to check how close I am to the next stage or number.

The first method is to make use of Esteem.

With @esteem, you can check your reputation value showing in four significant figures and two decimal places.

All you need to do is to download the Esteem App and login with your required details. After logging, click on the icon showing your profile picture, you will automatically see your reputation value in the form of (ab.cd) where abcd are numbers. Lols don't mind my Mathematical expression... What I am saying is this, your reputation will be displayed in the form 49.78 as an example.

The second method is to make use of www.steemd.com/@yourusername. You will automatically be shown your full reputation value immediately you enter the website on your browser. You don't need any password to login. Just make use of www.steemd.com/@yourusername.

Actually, I came to know about this website when the hardfork process began. Because I wanted to check on my manna and voting power.

These are the two methods I know of for now.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Steemd give you a more accurate figure but my favourite one is the steem extension steamplus. When you download this extension you get your normal Steemit platform but on steroids. It’s give some you everything and your two decimal place rep score


Great question @worldfinances! To be honest, the reputation system Steemit has is something pretty much broken. The metrics can be easily manipulated and tweaked. There's a new reputation system that currently exists and being pushed by a lot of people because it is a more comprehensive computation of what Steemit reputation would be. Check out @steem-ua,  "algorithmic Curation & Upvoting Program, using UA data".

To answer your question, https://busy.org , its a tool created by @fabien and a lot of tech geek. Busy actually is a more convenient User Interface end site than Steemit and a lot of engage in busy (because they give upvotes too).

https://steemnow.com/@username also provides you an accurate and real time amount of how much reputation is increased when you received a vote from someone. I recommend Steemnow because it will provide you a lot of details not only the reputation system but also some important matters like (Voting Mana, Resource Credits, Pending payouts, users who upvotes your post, your curation rewards, and author rewards) and many more. 


There are a couple of good sites that you can use to see what reputation you are currently at.

Steemworld.org has it to the latest decimal point and updates as you power up. It is easy to read and I suggest you use this site to monitor your account growth. By far the best site to check all your stats.

Steemnow is also good, showing you all your incoming votes plus at the top left it highlights your ranking also to decimal points.

I honestly don't know how to do screenshots otherwise I would load yours for you. use all the tools you can as they kind of make it more fun.

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Try https://beempy.com/, it has two digits past the reputation score shown in Steemit and a lot more useful information, especially about new things introduced in HF20 such as resource credits that are not yet shown by other platforms


go to https://steemworld.org/@yourname 

It will have what you are asking for.