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How can I learn to manage my time?

Sometimes in the course of the day we are in many tasks and in the end we realize that we have not been able to advance the pending issues as we would like. Moreover, we are immersed in our own routine that we do not realize that we value that scarce and precious resource as it is TIME.

Now, how much do people know how to take advantage of it? Unlike other things, time never recovers, we can recover money, objects, etc. but time does not pass and there is no opportunity to go back

Therefore, we must have the ability to properly organize our time in the different spaces where we live:

ORGANIZE: Learn to differentiate how you want to manage your time, for that, who has the last word is you. Manage your time according to your personal goals and from there set the tone, trying to fulfill your personal commitments.

ENUMERA: List all pending issues that you have to perform, consider all the ideas that come to mind.

CLASSIFICA: Once you have listed the pending issues, you must classify them according to the areas of your life (family, work, studies, etc.) because each area has to have its attention and space, you can not dedicate more to one than to another .

PRIORITIZE: When we want to take better advantage of time, it is important that you know how to prioritize what is really IMPORTANT to do, there are times that we waste time in a less profitable way, performing tasks that are not fundamental and that could even be done by other people.

PREPARE A WORK PLAN: Try to have the concrete steps of what you want to do in your day to day, this translates into a work plan. There you can see which activities require your direct attention and in which you could request the support of other people.

SET GOALS: Define what you want to achieve and learn to establish a prudential time. For example:

Finish the inventory in the period of 3 days maximum on (day), (month), (year)

Organize my library within a period of 1 week maximum on (day), (month), (year)

Finish making the report of some activity in 2 days ...... ..etc

 DELEGATE: While we would like to have availability to do all things ourselves, sometimes it is not possible. Learn to delegate some tasks in your home, work, studies, etc., to facilitate the management of your time, perhaps with a symbolic payment a family member or friendship can help you to perform some tasks. In this way, you not only benefit, but also help other people.

BE PRACTICAL: To learn a practical work in your work, for example, your work, to make a technical report, letters, documents, etc. Every moment, the structure of the list to update you. Dedicate your energies to what is important.AVOID DISTRACTION If you want to be a person who manages your time with efficiency, learn the distraction, for example, in the office when using social networks, chat, among others. Try to focus on your goal and dedicate yourself to it mainly.

EVALUATE YOUR PROGRESS: Try to develop a work schedule, where you can choose your progress. If you consider it, you can do it in an Excel template and have it available somewhere in your home, office, study room, among others.

Remember, time is not available for the clock or what the calendar marks, it is related to the same essence as human beings, as long as we have the useful life of the recognition capacity, value it and above all, take advantage of it.

Time as it never recovers, every morning when we get up, life gives us one more day in this world, the respective importance depends on you


Time management is really a great art. Though I'm still finding ways to manage my time, I would like to provide some thoughts on this question. Time management is really important for someone to be successful in their life. Without managing time, we will not be able to do any task consistently. If you plan to do something every single day, unless you plan to make it a routine, it will not work well for you. 

I think I can answer this question because, even though I have time management issues, I have been able to do lots of things in my day to day life with the given time. I involve myself in lots of activities but I don't really have any big problem with time management. 

Importance of Routine

Keeping routine is very important in time management. If you want to do something, you have to do it every single day for it to become a habit for you. With a good routine, you will be able to find lots of time available for you to use. Too many ad hoc works without any planning can ruin our time and even consume lots of time than the actual time required. 

It is also believed that if you do a particular task as per a plan continuously for nearly 45 days, it becomes part of your routine and you will be able to do it without breaking the consistency going forward. So, routine plays a vital role in time management. 

Setting priorities

The work that you do should have priorities set. If you are going to spend lots of time on low priority items then obviously you will not be able to spend enough time on the high priority items and end up having trouble managing your time. If you would like to manage your time efficiently, then listing out your work with priorities is very important. You can then pick items one by one based on the priorities and work on them. 

Maintaining a task list

A task list should be maintained which should list out the items you need to action along with the deadlines. You have to make sure the deadline is never skipped. Initially it can be challenging to stick to the deadlines but if you make it a practice, you will be able to do things within the deadline. Setting deadlines should be precise, it should not be given a chance to be made flexible. If you provide a chance for the deadlines to be flexible, you will end up skipping the deadlines or pushing it multiple times. 

There are several task management applications available. They are available both for your laptop as well as mobile devices. You can use one of those applications to manage your tasks. I use Trello to manage my personal and professional tasks. There are some interesting features in the Trello board to make my work easier. It is purely dependent on your decision. You can even use an ordinary notepad to maintain your task list. Whichever is comfortable for you. Ultimately time should not be wasted in task management alone. 

Time allocation

Allocate time for each work you do. If you identify that you are taking more time than what you planned or estimated, it should be analyzed and make sure you allocate precise time frame for your tasks. Allocating time and working on a task based on the allocation plan can give you a relief and provide you rooms for enough work. 

Time is something that you allocate for a task. Your day to day activity should not be decided by someone else. You have to decide what you really want to do. Then only you will be able to manage the time effectively. Hope the above tips will be helpful for managing your time wisely. 

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It is important to know what tasks/duties you really need to spend your time with.  Like if you need to work 8 hours in the office, do household chores or what are your other daily tasks. 

Making a schedule/list and following it could help you perform all the tasks that you need to perform in a day. Sticking with your schedule or plan will definitely help you in finishing all the needed tasks.

Knowing your priorities can be helpful too in managing your time properly. That way you will spend your time on what really matters to you and not just wasting it to something not important. 

You can also set some goals like I will finish something within a day. Be realistic in setting a time frame in finishing something so that you can avoid being stressed about it. You can also plan ahead of time so that you will not need to spend more time on panicking or think what and how it should be done.