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How can I collect my musing rewards?

To collect your musing rewards, you have to go to Steemit. Then sign in your Steemit account. 

Click on the wallet that you can see top right hand side. After 7 days, your rewards will be there. You will see a button named

Redeem Rewards (Transfer to Balance)

Now just click Redeem Rewards (Transfer to Balance), and your musing rewards will be added to your wallet balance.

Hope this makes it clear.

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You need to sign in on https://steemit.com ... Go to your wallet, and at the top you will see a button to click on that say claim rewards. This button will only pop up if their are rewards available.  I use this app to view all my wallet stats: Balance, unclaimed rewards, pending rewards, and so on: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mervin.steemmoney


If you have an account on musing.io then you already have an account on steemit.com. All the rewards from musing.io can be collected on steemit.com. Here is how you collect your rewards:

Step1: Go to your Steemit homepage at: https://steemit.com/@xb7xavi

Step2: If you are not already logged in then log in.

Step3: Select the 'wallet' tab

Step4: If you have any rewards to claim than you should see this button

 You can claim your rewards by clicking on it.


In the same manner in which you collect rewards from Steemit posts. Musing.io is a decentralized application on the Steem Blockchain. 

To auto claim rewards, refer to this post by @utopian-io


I hope this answer helps!