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What are the mistakes made by the current Venezuelan government?

  As a Venezuelan I can answer this question and expand a LOT as I am against the Venezuelan government, but here I leave the main mistakes.

1) There is loss of independence of the public powers. 

Among the public powers are:

  • Legislative power: representing the National Assembly, which is responsible for the laws of the country. 
  • Executive Power: That is exercised by the president of the republic, which is ILLEGAL, for having been elected without complying with the law and finding the votes of the citizens. 
  • Judicial power: Represents the Supreme Court of Justice, which is responsible for solving the legal problems of the country. 
  • The Electoral Power: Represents the CNE (National Electoral Council) which is responsible for deciding who wins or not the votes. The president is also exercising his position ILLEGALLY, since they have already completed their legal cycle, and no one has voted in their favor, so it is impartial.

2)   The government has never taken any decision based on the consent of Venezuelans, thus omitting democracy. Their decisions have been based on the repression of the people, and omission of public opinions. Decisions are also made without prior study of the consequences that this could cause and has the support of the National Assembly. 

3)  The government took full control of the relationship between the change of the bolivar and the dollar in a permanent way, which has led to irregular handling of foreign currencies, enriching government people and deteriorating the country's daily life, especially the oil industry.

 4)  Venezuelan commerce has been destroyed due to excess imports, thus producing unemployment, shortages of medicines, food, spare parts, and other things. 

 5) The government celebrates that it has a large number of pensioners (elderly and retired people who charge monthly money), but it is useless since the amount of these pensions is a figure that doesn't reach Venezuelans to cover basic expenses. 

6)  There is a large amount of unemployment due to the closure of companies, large industries, factories, businesses, among others that have closed due to the bad policy applied by the government, as well as injustices in terms of laws. 

7)   Maduro, has been responsible for giving certain monetary "bonuses" (extra money), so that the protest of Venezuelans diminishes. These bonds take away the reason people work, because they're satisfied with the minimum "bonuses" that the government gives. One of those bonuses, is the one given to pregnant women, thus encouraging early pregnancy, since the mature announce that bonus the number of pregnancies increased. 

8)  The oil industry, dismissed thousands of professional workers, which has produced a decrease in oil production, also the total deterioration of the industry's assets, therefore Venezuela being an oil country CAN NOT PRODUCE, oil, gasoline , lubricants, oils among other things so you have had to import the above mentioned.

9)  Maduro talks about defeating shortages with the support of the "CLAP" boxes (boxes of food), which shows the ignorance of the economy and the law of supply and demand. I must also say that the products that are delivered in those boxes are imported, which increases the debts. 

10)   The Venezuelan government limits, the freedom of expression, censoring the media, the media, whether newspapers, radio, televisions; putting to jail people who protest against him, dismissing employees who do not attend presidential marches, and having a large number of political prisoners. 

11)  The ONU international community, the OEA, the European community, among others have rejected Maduro's government, and their repressions as well as rejecting the drug trafficking of which the Venezuelan government is guilty. 

These are some of the main mistakes made by Maduro, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which has deteriorated the country day by day. 

 Currently, there is no early exit from this situation, which requires international assistance!!!