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How true are the rumors about Steem and sbd can greatly increase their price this December?

First off, I wouldn't call them rumors. I'd call them a forecast. And like any other forecast, it may or may not come true. Nonetheless, it is a legitimate forecast that is based on sound reasoning, which is why I believe it's likely that the price of Steem can increase by December. But not SBDs, they might not increase and will probably stay within the $1 US price range. 

Let's start with Steem. There are two major reasons for the positive forecast regarding the December price of Steem. These are the positive developments within the Steem blockchain that are expected to create a demand for Steem by December of this year, and the historical movement of Steem's price last December, which is feeding speculation for a possible price increase. 

Among the developments in Steem blockchain, the biggest is people's anticipation for the release of Smart Media Tokens (SMTs), which is expected to being on January 2019. Experts and steemians alike expect that the lead up to its release will increase the demand for Steem from potential investors. So, just as the price for Etherum blew up with the release of its ERC-20 Tokens, the same could happen to Steem with its SMTs. 

Second, by December, Hardfork 20 would have been implemented for about 2 or 3 months. By this time, users should therefore have had time to adjust to its changes and realize its positive benefits, thereby creating a more positive outlook throughout the community. And, since the community's outlook can affect the price of a speculated coin, it's only logical to assume that this could help increase the price of Steem.

And finally, there are several DApps that has the potential to grow and attract new users to the blockchain between now and December. This includes Musing.io, Steem Monsters, Steempress, and others that are making waves, at the moment. As these DApps grow, they can attract new users, which will create a demand for Steem. The best part is that with the help of Hardfork 20, these DApps can onboard users directly on their specific platforms, and not bother with the tired (and frustrating) Steemit.com website. This means none of the new users they attract will have to see the problematic Steemit.com trending page, which has been the source of a lot of negativity in the blockchain. 

All these developments in the Steem blockchain are meant to drive the demand for more Steem, and thereby push it's prices up. So, assuming there are no problems to be had, an increase in Steem price by December is likely. 

The second reason for the positive forecast in the price of Steem are its historical prices from September to December 2017, which showed a significant increase from almost similar levels (though slightly better) as today. Back then, it reached a low of $0.79 last November 12, which was followed by a recovery that eventually reached a high of $4.17 on December 21. 

Thus, historically, it is also likely for the price of Steem to increase on December. 

What about SBDs? SBDs will probably experience a different fate from Steem. This is because while the price of Steem is speculative, SBDs are not. They were designed to be pegged to the US Dollar. Granted, this has not always worked in the past, like when SBDs reached a high of $16.17 US last December 19.  But, with Hardfork 20, the mechanism pegging the SBD to $1 US is supposed to be improved, such that it would be better at correcting its price and making sure it stays near or at $1 US. 

So, in this respect, while the price of Steem could increase by December, SBDs will probably stay somewhere near it's current price and be within the $1 US range.


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1. Its a functioning blockchain. Many coins in crypto that are worth more havn't even a main net yet. So it is undervalued.

2. It had 60,000 active accounts as of yesterday. The inactive are over a million apparently.

3.It has a core base of loyal supporter. When Steemit went down yesterday, people went off their heads. This is valuable that it is so addictive.

4. Alot of sister projects are being set up around it like this one, fundition, Appics, 

5. SMT's are being introduced soon to bring a new dimension to the chain. 

6. Transferring steem across the chain is free. 


I have no idea when or if steem will greatly increase in price.  I hope it will one day but I don't think it has to happen in any short term time frame.  I don't mind if it goes down more, as then it will be cheaper to buy.  If it doesn't go higher until 2020, that's fine, what's the rush?  I hope SBD stays pegged around $1, as that's what it's meant to do.


No one can say for sure. However, at the end of the year prices tend to go up because people are hoping to pull money out for the current tax season.  

There is a very good chance that the prices will go up in December. They might also go up in January.

If you think about it last year,  then you should definitely remember what happened..   We jumped from $0.88 to 8 dollars in about a day or two.

That's the way bull runs work. They don't take months,  they take days,  and no one knows when they are going to happen.... but December or January is a good bet.


Nothing is set in stone and nobody can predict the future. What we can do is to make calculated guesses and stay from rumors. If we think that the prices are to go up then we need to think about the reasons due to which it could happen.

First and foremost, I think that  any cryptocurrency token needs a real world use case if it is to succeed  in future. This means that the people investing in it are doing so for  more than just speculative profit. Steem blockchain defines the very  meaning of real world use by bring platforms like musing,io and Steemit  to our fingertips and changing the face of social media. Another reason is that the steem ecosystem incentivizes the users to have a  stake in the system (Vested SP). This not only increases user retention but also the loyalty to the platforms, since users are monetarily  invested to see the platform succeed. 

Let me list a few more reasons as to why the price of Steem can rise substantially by this December:

1. The upcoming HF20 is geared towards making dapps the kings on the Steem blockchain. It will effectively make sure that you can make steem accounts on the dapps, without ever having to come on steemit to register. Dapps like DLive and DTube will become free from having to go to steemit.com to register on them. 

2.  Platforms like musing.io will grow, gather and collect the SP for their needs and this will create a shortage of Steem in the market and thus raise the Steem prices

3. SMT's will soon follow in January and  will allow dapps to issue their own tokens based on Steem. To issue  tokens they will need to collect more Steem to back their tokens and  thus create further shortage of Steem Tokens in the market. This in turn will further raise the price of Steem.