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Why Italian is such a beautiful language to speak?

Hey bro, good question. It is one of my favorite languages ​​almost as difficult to learn as Spanish. 

Italian, the mother tongue of more than 70 million people, has not always been spoken throughout the country, since it was mainly a vernacular language, that is, a language spoken by a community, not by a whole country.

To understand this linguistic evolution, it is necessary to go back in time to Antiquity, time in which the Roman Empire ruled in a large part of Europe and in which Latin was in full swing. And Italian derives from Latin.

Now considered dead, this Indo-European language was used by the entire Roman Empire and later by the Catholic Church for its writings. But we must distinguish two types of Latin: while vulgar Latin was spoken by the people, learned Latin, however, was reserved for science and literature.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the barbarian invasions divided Italy into several different regions. As with the Tower of Babel, the evolution of Vulgar Latin was also divided. The linguistic codes changed in each one of the regions, thus emerging several dialects throughout the country.

It was not until 1861 when Italy finally reunified and proclaimed the birth of the Kingdom of Italy. To unite all the regions of the country, the leaders decided to choose a dialect as the official language. Located in the center of Italy, Tuscany attracted your attention. Being the cultural and economic center, its dialect, the Tuscan, was chosen to represent the country.

Almost two centuries later, the language of Florence has expanded to become the first official language of the country. But Italy is still a young country. Although this language is official, some families still use their dialects; it is a way for families in southern Italy to maintain their cultural and historical differences.

Would you like to learn Italian through music?

Why is Italian a symbol of the Romance language?

French is generally considered the most romantic language in the world, but Italian is not far behind.

The language of Dante has above all a very rich vocabulary. And more when it comes to finding nicknames for the beloved: amore, expensive, treasure ... When it comes to talking about love, Italian expressions abound. That's why Italians are usually considered great conversationalists, perhaps because of their natural style and that gift they have to talk about anything with a big smile.

Rich and appealing, the Italian language is also often considered as the language of the sun and sensuality. You only need to hear an Italian speaking to transport us directly to the Mediterranean sun. The sounds of the tongue are very warm, due mainly to the accentuation of the words.