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Why Steem is failing in its marketing again & again?

Is Steem being marketed? Sorry, I didn't notice. 

A few active Steem bloggers are promoting Steem in order to recruit new users. Some are even handing out new accounts for free, like @steevc.

But Steem promotion is mostly targeting users who want to contribute content and receive money. That's not sustainable in the long run. Someone will have to pay. We need to focus on recruiting organizations that want to invest in Steem Power in order to have influence on the platform, and make the system attractive for them.


Actually steem isn't the only crypto involved as regards to this because this is however a general problem in the crypto market due to the fall in price of Bitcoin. Most cryptos and alt coins are actually dependent on the worth or value of Bitcoin and in this recent days, the worth of BTC seems to be dropping unfavorably in the crypto market which is affecting all other cryptos.

We also need to recognize the fact that that's how crypto works because there are time whereby the market seems to be favorable through the increment in the crypto worth just like steem was very worthy around the year 2017 due to the great increase in the price of BTC back then compared to now and there are also times whereby the crypto market value tends to drop just like what we are experiencing in this recent days. This explains the cryptographic and erratic nature of cryptos.

We just have to keep hoping for the best and we shouldn't give up on steem because I believe in #steem and some other steemit users also have the same perception. We just have to keep utilizing the platform as best as possible and keep developing the steem platform by promoting the steem blockchain and inviting more users.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.