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Which countries will offer the best quality of life in the 2030?

 USA  have a very large inequality with 50 million very poor and homeless and  social security is very elite, only the rich can pay for medical  services.

Northern  Europe have good minimum wages but also a good payment for the  unemployed, it's a right even without working to receive a payment that  the citizen can live and survive in a dignified manner.Also have good  medical services and hospitable and also good rest home and care of people in need or old.

I also think that Canada, New Zealand, Australia can also offer a good quality of life, they have space. But  it must be said as well that are countries colonized by the  Anglo-Saxon, are lands and continents occupied, stolen, annexed,  Anschluss of the native lands of the First Nations the native population  by colonial Europe, are a consequence of the violation of the law international, war crimes, crime against humanity ...

Cuba  is also a good place for people who are rich and do not need to work in  Cuba.Cuba is safe, crime is small, Cuba has also an excellent and cheap  medical services.Cuba Cubans are known for  their assistance in colonized countries and in natural disasters.They  are also specialized in the treatment of certain diseases, for example  problems and eye operations. A  few years ago the social security of Portugal sent dozens of planes  every year with patients to be cured in Cuba. Cuba is also a tourist  destination with beaches paradise, a lot of party, music, dance, also a  lot of nature, simple and quiet.

The  planet lives under a cruel military dictatorship of the northern  countries, Europe, United States, NATO that exploit the wealth of the  world and the work force of the peoples of rest of the world they see as  inferior. In addition the peoples of the south live under  regular bombardments of the constant wars of the dictatorship of the  European and American colonialists against the colonized countries.

In  Europe, the continent of the colonialists and master of slaves, have  lived well and there are no bombs falling from the sky, there is no  aerial bombardment with weapons of mass destruction. 


It is hard to say as by the year 2030 what jobs will be around. I can see huge unemployment and all sorts of problems.

The Middle east will be wrecked as their Oil income would have evaporated with the ban coming in on fossil fuel engines.

i would suggest the smaller nations will cope better. Places like Malta, Corsica and Cuba because they have a simple life. Europe and America will struggle with the unemployment and huge percentages will be living off welfare.

Africa will be  a total disaster zone still ,as the Chinese are scooping up what they want from the corrupt governments. It is hard to see where the best quality of life will be.


Norway. Norway has very low unemployment, no debt, and a trillion dollar public fund from oil revenue. Norway is a rich country with a low population density, exquisitely beautiful nature, and an ethos of social justice and equality. It's a member of NATO and generally very peaceful and safe.


I think it's a bit hard to say given how much is subject to change in this time frame. There really is no way to be certain. Hopefully we will see economic changes on a global scale that will increase the quality of life everywhere, I have a fatalistic attitude towards this however. I think some countries will continue to develop, some will catch up, and some will face major famine and catastrophe.