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Why is that some post on musing.io can't get some upvote?

Getting upvotes is all about adding value to the Musing platform (or should be anyway). Thus if you answer questions and just repeat or rephrase what others have said then you are less likely to stand out and get upvotes.

I usually think that if I cant answer the question and add something new, then I dont answer it at all and look for another questions where I feel that I can add value. Musing has some big delegations, and they are not a charity, and follow guidelines for what content they upvote.

There are multiple factors for which a person will be rewarded with an upvote. I would like to list out some of it:

1) The question asked by a user should be unique and should not be something which was already asked in musing. Basically avoid asking duplicate questions.
2) In any platform plagiarism and spamming will not be tolerated. For the past few days there have been lots of users spamming contents and copy pasting answers from various other platforms. Those users will be blacklisted.
3) The questions and answers should be of good quality with proper grammar and sentence formation. The answers provided by the users should be easily understandable by everyone.
4) Musing will not guarantee an upvote on all the questions or answers. If you have been rewarded with upvote, consider it as a tip and motivation to post more in this platform.
5) Musing is just an emerging platform with great potential but the SP is not high enough to reward all the member questions and answers. When musing gets more SP delegation in the future, musing will be able to reward more posts in the future.

We are still in the early stages. There will be lots of features and enhancements to musing in the future which will make it more rewarding.
Upvote is not guaranteed and it totally depends on the post value and the current voting power of Musing
This is because their question and answer does not seems to be realistic and they not get upvotes and comments but if we give real opinion then we can get success in musing also.
We need to know that the users on musing.io are the ones to determine questions or answers which they want to upvote,many users are not

intentionally wanting not to upvote a question or answer but it is just that some of them are not even aware that their upvotes will be effective if

they do it on the musing.io platform,some of them

think that upvotes on musing.io will not add to the earnings of the person which they upvoted,i think

musing.io needs to enlighten people more and make them understand how the platform works