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I have seen some user have set their accounts auto voting post with zero value to get benefit of reward. Is that right ?

Yes they are doing that for earning maximum curation reward, you might have noticed immediately after posting a question or answer you are getting 2 to 5 upvotes with no value, but when musing will curate your question or answer then they will reap maximum reward from curation. If you vote before a whale's upvote then you will get good amount of curation reward. If your vote is followed by heavy upvote then you will get good amount of curation reward.

As a thumb rule with only 500 SP you can earn up to 350 SP yearly and that is really a good figure. If you set auto voting to some of the good post which you expect, that will earn, then you can really trick the game of curation for sure.

I have observed that some people are really taking note this fact and they have also done their research and set up many bot accounts and have set auto voting and they are really getting benefit of it in terms of curation reward.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I have wondered about this aswell - whenever I post an asnwer or question on Musing I am getting up to 5 upvotes (all for small % and from people with a 25 rep account - e.g. they havent posted on Steem before).

Like others suggest this is probably so that they set themselves up for maximum curation rewards - they will get a good piece of the curation rewards if each post gets upvoted from Musing. This is yet another example of how the Steem blockchain can be manipulated - these accounts are essentially 'bots' and require no effort after being set up, and are taking some curation rewards without actually reading posts or adding any value.

It is frustrating, but for the moment until something changes I think they are here to stay!


Well I can at least say that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing since absolutely nothing gets taken away from the author of the post. As a matter of fact they are giving you $0.001-$0.01 upvotes so one should be thankful instead, right? XD

But what most of them are probably doing is trying to get a piece of that sweet curation reward due to the decent upvote the account @musing gives hours after. I once wondered as to how much in curation reward those accounts get for upvoting at around $0.001-$0.01 and I am surprised to see the result.

Take for example the account @codebull who has an effective SP of around 315. According to Steemworld.org, the current curation reward he will get a week from now is 2.487 SP

For reference, a  315 SP account now gives a full upvote of only $0.00790. If he decided to just self-vote 10 times a day, he will only get $0.079/daily, and by extension only $0.553/week.

2.487-0.553 = 1.934

That's a difference of 1.934! Which honestly is a pretty good strategy.

Another user @fbook who also seems to be upvoting answers here on musing and has an effective SP of 233 now gets a reward of around 1.740SP this week.

So yeah! I for one think that what they are doing are just maximizing their strategy to quickly grow on Steem. And there is absolutely nothing wrong in receiving an upvote of $0.001-$0.01! XD


Self voting is bad thing on Steemit.

For example

Ifyou have big enough steem power and you just think about yourself and in this way steem price are going down. which is not good idea for Crypto steemit coin future. If you have enough big steem power to upvote others. That is good thing on steemit in this way people are motivated. by this strategy and all new users are also motivated by these strategies they make more content different people have

Different people have different interest on steemit some big whale have enough money to invest in steemit but some people have skills to invest and contribute in steemit both categories are important for each other but if we talk about self-voting just a Boat itself force that thing is not good for crypto future.

For this solution steemauto.com website made for up voting. You just select those person which work have some worth on steemit you just select your favourite steemian and then adjust your word power towards him and they get apart from you even when you are not enough online so that is a good day on upload on steemit.

Accounts who have zero value they just think their boat put some impacts on uses but all kind of people available here on steemit lot of strategies work behind this.


Yes its right, many accounts target the "curation rewards", and it's the easiest way to gain your SP without doing anything (i mean by set automatic upvote / curation trail).


The value of such vote really is around $0.001-0.005,

when you are doing curation farming, 

when your votes are significantly lower than incoming later votes, 

you are getting a much bigger piece of the curation pie than your vote given.

We're talking, ROI at 300% easily.

But even 100% ROI is fine, it's free money.

And the best part of it, the author gets more rewards the more people are curating. 

Everybody wins! Except for the one who votes the highest...