How can someone manage his/ her stress without having medicine?
Can stress be managed without having medicine. what are the measures to relax a stressed person in a short time.
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There are some commonly accepted practices that can, in theory, help a person to manage their stress.

1. Meditation - there are a variety of different types of meditative practices that one can take up.

2. Exercise - sometimes exercise in and of itself can be a meditative practice, like Thai Chi for example

3. Removal of substances in your life that cause a stress response in your physiology.

The best example of this is smoking.

While many claim that it relaxes them, on a physical level, it absolutely does not. It does temporarily remove the nicotine craving, but at the same time, it's amping up your fight or flight system and creating physical tension. The same can be said of the majority of our "addictive substances, another prime example being caffeine.

4. Removal of technologies that ar stimulating your fight or flight system in the same way that cigarettes and stimulants do: Any and all blue light Emitting devices, amp up the HPTA (adrenalin response) axis and activate cortisol release as an end product. Devices in this category: smart phones/tablets, LED tvs, monitors, LED lights in your house/work.


The question arises after we make the list though: are people too stressed nowadays to be able to spend the time it needs to make these practices into the rituals they need to become before the benefits of them can be reaped?

As with the majority practices that a human can embrace with the hopes of changing some aspect of his/her physiology or psychology, only through ritualistic implementation of those practices will a person see the fruits of their labours.

Here is an example I have run into more than a few times:

A person gets a new meditation course and begins to listen to the cd.

Halfway through, they fall asleep.

They try again the next day to "meditate" with the cd, and, again, fall asleep.

They throw the cd on the heap of products they have labeled "garbage" because it's "not working"

They were not able to "meditate."

They give u n frustration.

The only thing is, it was working.

See, they fell asleep because they are sleep deprived (oh yeah, another natural stress reliever is, regular uninterrupted sleep) and, if they had just continued to do the same thing each day, eventually sleep debt would be paid in full, and, they would not fall asleep as they entered "alpha" brain wave state (meditative brain wave state") because they were in fact achieving it, but the body was doing its job in order...heal first by sleeping, then do longer meditations later.

Take your time, pick a practice and stick to it diligently before you give up.

It may just bee working, but your mental machinations may just be sabotaging your success.

Yes, these things take time.  

Most good things do.

Walking in nature in the am with nothing between your eyes and the sun, as the sun rises, is a good practice that is easy to implement and practice, and the results seen quickly.

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I am a caregiver to a dementia patient. Have been for the past four years. I also take care of my family and far,. So stress from job and taking care of my mother in law who is the patient is high. She is unfortunately a violent type of person especially after the disease took a turn for the worse. 

There have been moments when we felt like giving up totally. 

Now for answering the question

I listen to music. Music is my first and most important means to relieve stress. listening to soothing and calm songs makes me feel relaxed and better. I listen to songs on you tube and have stored some on mobile also. 

My second option is movies. I have a few movies in my computer drive which I watch when I have some free time. 

Other means of reducing stress in my case are crochet, gardening, photography, watching some TV and so on. 

Last but not least, I call my brother who has a kind word for me. 

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I will share my personal experience here. First, I will briefly discuss the causes of developing stress. The main reason why we develop stress is because there is lot of noise in the mind. For example, in our mind, we think about the future and the past, but do not enjoy our present moments. Human mind processes 11 million information per second and most of this is related to either future or the past. We worry about the future and feeling depressed about the past tragic events, for example.

However, we can reduce our own stress without seeking medical help. Here are the ways:

- If we learn to live in the present moment, we can reduce our stress.

- We need to learn how to calm down our mind, so we can focus on one thing at a time.

- To calm the mind, breathing techniques are very effective.

- Then, spend some time with yourself without thinking about anything. Just focus on the present moments.

- Wake up early and try to walk or sit in a green place, in nature.

- Make a list of to-do-pending tasks and start completing the tasks one by one. Pending tasks are also significantly related to high levels of stress.

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Treating stressful people without the need for drugs can do this, stress can be overcome by doing simple things, like laughing, jogging, meditating, listening to music or doing things you like. Vacation can also be a drug for stress, by relaxing the brain, and forgetting for a moment the heavy activities that can cause stress.

In dealing with stress, two approaches are needed, namely individual approaches and organizational approaches.

An individual approach is someone who strives alone to reduce stress levels. Individual activities are quite effective, namely physical training, time management, social support, etc.

Organizational approaches are some of the causes of stress related to task demands and the role of organizational structures that are only controlled by management, so that these factors can be changed.

Therefore, strategies that can be used by management to reduce employee stress are through selection and placement, goal setting, job redesign, participatory decision making, organizational communication, and welfare programs.

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The cause of stress occurs due to excessive activity. So that causes fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia or maybe excessive sleep and headaches.

But stress can be avoided with Meditation and breathing exercises. This method has proven to be very effective in preventing and treating stress. Practice what you have to improve in life for a calmness.

The number one thing I would recommend is exercise. Whether it is running, walking, biking, hiking going to the gym, swimming or whatever the person might feel inclined for, exercises are always a good natural medicine for relieving stress. There is of course sex and yoga which are also natural cures for stress.