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In greek mythos, what was the reason behind the creation of men?

If we go strictly to mythology, the Greek gods were/are overpowering but also extremely vain who needed subjects and someone to praise and serve them. So basically it could be said that humans were the product of the need to satisfy the most primitive need of the gods, their EGO.

However that perhaps was not the only reason, and is that according to the thousands of Greek stories the gods created man only with the intention of populating the world of other beings, to be their representatives in the earthly world


Mythology is not only about stories, fairy tales or legends, but also includes talking about the formation of myths of modern civilization, because even humans in modern civilization, humans can not be separated from the influence of myths, and will continue to make myths new Myths as subliminal deposits of humans are expressed in symbolic form.

Myths consist of various types, including the myths of ancient civilizations, such as the cosmogony myth, the origin myth, about the gods, the demigod myth, and androgoni myths. In addition there are also myths of modern civilization, such as the end-time myth. Golden age myths, work myths, and ideological myths.

In the current development of life, many people are burdened with questions around themselves, these questions eventually form myths myth in the human subconscious. These various myths are then expressed and explained in various ways, both rationally and irrationally. Therefore the symptoms and process of the formation of a mythology in various societies are generally the same, which comes from human curiosity about natural phenomena that occur around it, but actualization and manifestation are different, which in the end the myth was made by humans for the sake of human beings prevailing traditions and sometimes even need to apply.

One function of myth is to justify a social system,

both rituals that have become traditions and those that will be preserved. With so, a myth can be used by certain groups to be used as a driver, appraiser, peligitimasi, and system protector he made. Such a myth will manifest in the form of symbols, slogans, logo, and a motto that can be used to achieve goals, objectives and mission that is in accordance with the idea of ​​its formation.

Thanks to the myth, humans (society) realize the nature its history, that reality can be seen from the existence of various kinds of rituals certain celebrations that intend to repeat the conception of the cycle their lives (such as: birthdays, new year parties, and day celebrations) others that are considered sacred, etc.). The meaning of the myth itself too as a unifying media of society, and at the same time maintaining that tradition.

Myths and mythology are always identical to symbols, because the symbols are the reality of the myth itself. In conjunction with religious experience, the symbols can be a measure that experiences between a limited subject and an object that is unlimited.

The symbols can be symbolic ideas that tend to be in the form of idiomsideological like dogma and its rules (doctrine). Besides that the symbol can also manifest in symbolic actions such as making places of worship, offerings, statues. All of these manifestations are a form of transformation symbolic of the myths that exist.

Thus according to Ernst Cassier, then humans create various symbols, as well as use them for various interests in their lives, while forming a person into a human being. Ernst Cassier called it Animal Simbolicum.

By agreeing to a certain symbol as an artificial sign inside a society, the symbol has a function as an interaction mechanism in their lives. Symbols are full of meaning and perception, therefore they are connotative, consequently symbols are difficult to interpret. Because a symbol will give different dimensions of meaning.

Vice versa, a similar meaning can be expressed through various different symbols. The differences and similarities of each symbol meaning depend on the context, purpose, and function when the symbol is created.

Based on this understanding, the symbol can represent all concrete ideas, actions and communication. Symbols can function as a substitute for an object that you want to display in another way. Mythological symbols are forms of expression from the primordial collective unconscious.

Myths and symbols always affect the whole system and human activity. Thus we can briefly find out the function and the context of myths and symbols in a society. By means of and

we can see the development of civilization and society through their various myths and symbols. Because symbols and myths are mythological indicators that are able to express the basic nature of a community development. That is why mythology is still relevant to be used as material for study until now.

In the Western tradition, the Creation and position of man in one the version of ancient Greek mythology, told in connection with Prometheus. Greek mythology is a fundamental history or legend about humans. It is said that the one who created and nurtured humans for the first time was Promotheus.

The history was delivered orally from generation to generation. At first after being created by the earth, Amor (Eros) enveloped the earth the newborn with thick vegetation and gave him inhabitants, namely creatures of various types. After that, Prometheus created humans

who were then equipped with talents.

Before creating humans, he first created animals and gave all facilities to himself. Promotheus states that he will create better than animals, and go to heaven and sun to ask for a torch as protection.

Dewi Pallas Athene (Minerva) so as to have the power of a lion that is proud of his creation immediately asked to be given great power, Prometheus wanted that "humans" created by him have - excesses, possess strength and abilities that were far more perfect than creatures and animals other. And only what is the source that gives strength, the "fire of life" becomes the difference between gods and creatures. But the gods remain will not give fire for the benefit of mankind. The gods want mankind to remain in a state of makeshift condition, to make humans in an unconscious state, humans remain in a state of darkness, without knowledge and sources of life that can turn humans into more "alive"

In the Shari'ati analysis, it is possible for the gods to be afraid of threats after humans have the advantage, having the fire of life, freedom and leadership over nature. The gods want humans not to rise to the degree of being an angel, even to compete with the gods. Although the gods in the sky did not allow it, Prometheus still took the fire in a way quietly and hide it in the chest. The son of one of the gods, saw the light of fire on earth, and he was so angry, then decided to punish Promotheus. In the Caucasus mountains, the thief was chained to a rock, and a Nazar bird ate his heart.

Seeing the suffering suffered by Promotheus, humans are only able to pray and endlessly bless and express their gratitude for the sacrifice he made. Humans consider him Promotheus as the "hero" of mankind and willing to be punished as a martyr of humanity. In the old development, human attitudes and behavior have increased, many disputes and human attitudes have worsened. Then the gods decided to punish the humans with the flood disaster.

Humans are destroyed, all that remains is Deucalion (son Promotheus) and Pyrra (daughter of Ephimeteus). The god Zeus felt sorry

the remaining two people finally forgave them. Then was born a child named Hellen, their son who later his name was enshrined as the name of the Greek tribe, namely Hellenia. Their descendants later became the ancestors of the Aeolia, Ionian and Doria tribes.

In a religious perspective, human history begins with something spiritual, stated so because of the beginning of the creation of the first man,

namely Adam, and Eve which until this century has reduced billions humans are spread throughout the world and consist of various kinds race that we can meet in this life.


If we go completely to legends, the Greek excellent creatures were/are overpowering yet notwithstanding an exceptional degree vain who required subjects and someone to affirmation and serve them. So overall one may express that individuals were the postponed outcome of the need to satisfy the most repulsive need of the wonderful creatures, their EGO.

At any rate that maybe was by all record not utilizing all methods the principle reason, and is that according to the a liberal number of Greek stories the perfect creatures made man just with the motivation behind populating the universe of various animals, to be their lords in the common world