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What not to do when you are in a beach?
Well obviously The first and foremost thing that you shouldn't do in a beach is get naked!! Reason being anyone can take your snap and post it in social media.

Secondly you should not throw garbage on the beach. We should realize that what we throw in the beach, reaches out to the marine life and endangers their life.

Thirdly, If you go to the beach on a rainy day, do not use an umbrella as the strong winds will blow you away :)

Fourthly , If you intend to propose to your Girl friend in a beach , Don't even think about it , run away from there and just find a nice and cozy restaurant. The hawkers in the beach will literally ruin your day and will not allow you to propose ever !!

Fifth, and the last one, avoid going on those horse rides that you see on the beach. The horses are not well fed by their masters, but are overloaded with insane tasks for normal people like us. Also do not opt to watch the monkey show , as these animals are tortured and are not properly taken care off.

The beach is a calm and serene place, Enjoy the breeze and be a responsible Citizen.

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Do not Waste Garbage Sembahaangan

This prohibition is not only valid on the beach only. But applies at all tourist attractions. One of the reasons why rubbish is very dangerous when disposed around the coast, waste does not decompose often endanger wildlife such as turtles and even fish.

Plastic waste is often found in the body of wildlife so it really threatens the environment. So, you also have a responsibility to protect wildlife on shore and ocean.
When you are at the beach do not go deep in the sea from the beach side there are risk factors in sea due to waves can change any time y at beach you can play football and volleyball as i am doing the same when i visit goa beach. Never go to the riverside which is connected to beach it can be risky to go there and follow the instruction by the beach police
I think this is what you do not do while on the beach. Do not Take a Photo of People

The beach is a public place. But that does not mean you are free to motret other people while on the beach. Everyone also has the right to protect his privacy. Never take pictures of people on the Beach when he does not know. You can request permission first, especially if you plan to upload the photo to be resold on the site buying and selling photos.