If someone is willing to give you 10.000$ but you can only use it to buy STEEM or 8.000$ that you can use however you'd like which option would you choose and why?
Considerinf that STEEM is at 0.76$ right now, I would go for the 10k.
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I'd take the $8000. Steem is just one target that is hit or miss. If some really bad steem news comes out or the price plummets then my investment gets hit hard.  If the $10,000 steem's selling price goes up only 10% that's only a profit of $1000.  Any increase on one investment is uniform no matter how the crypto market itself overall goes.

If I break the $8000 into different crypto investments my investment risk is spread out. Even if two cryptocurrencies don't do so well I should expect a few other investments to cover the difference if cryptocurrency is indeed the future and worth investing in.

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I would take the 10K Steem and power up my account.

I say that as I could grow that by 20% a month easily by just working my account. That would give me  a little over 13 000 SP which today would give me  a vote of just under 60c . I don't self vote but would make a lot back in curation each day.

Steem is at a low point and could easily climb by 50% in no time. A growth like that with your normal account growth you would double the value in no time.Personally I feel Steem is so undervalued and can see a $4 or $5 Steem in the near future. I would kick myself if I had taken the $8 k and that happened. 

The chances of Steem going up are just too high and the regrets would be too hard to take . This is just an easy choice and would definitely go with Steem.

This is a creative question! It wouldn't be a tough decision for me, because I like to solve problems. 

Here is the problem:

I cannot afford to pass up 8,000 dollars right now, so I would take 8,000 dollars.

Here's the solution:

You didn't say I couldn't use some of this 8,000 for Steem, so I would utilize the 8,000 for needs in my life, and if anything is left over, I would invest some into Steem. I would probably set a target goal to manage my needs with 5,000, or 6,000, and then sink the rest into steem, which would still give you a nice boost in Steem Power, while not taking a complete gamble with money that is not affordable to spend. 

If I were in a different financial position, the easy choice for me would be the 10k in Steem. 

I would also go for the Steem variant because the prices of cryptos right now are at their lows for months and it's only a matter of time until they spike again in a bull run or even a healthy uptrend which would be more profitable to be part of than to just take the cash and do whatever you want with it. Let's say that you invest $10,000 in Steem right now and Steem goes to only $2.5 in December you will have more than $30,000 that you can cash out and do whatever you want with them. At this moment of time I consider cryptocurrencies much more profitable to hold than fiat. If you would have gave me this opportunity in March I would have definitely taken the cash because I could invest them in a few months and buy more cryptos with the same amount of money. For this time though it's definitely $10,000 worth of Steem. 

Definitely the $10k long term investment and also the daily profits I could make from that amount, say I invested that amount in steem that would give me 13k+ steem, which definitely would give me $1+ reward at 100% and if delegated to some of the ongoing projects I stand to gain a lot of return daily.

The attention as well,

If you been in steem for a while, you would observe that quality content is not all it takes but the amount you invested, high steem power tends to generate greater audience.

That been said, there might be other reasons that would lead you to take the $8k.

We all humans and we have needs, someone who is kind of in a bad spot be it medical situation or any financial crisis might be moved to make that decision knowing fully well he/she can take the 10k and become financially stable but life is not always fair.

hahaha this is great question, i was wondering the same thing as well. In my case i would most definitely store 10 000 dollars in steem as i would be able to accumulate even more steem and make a living out of it. 

But that is only me since i truly believe in steem and its ecosystem but it probably depends on how you see this crypto thing. It makes no sence to spend all that money and to do nothing with it. Ever since i've read few books writen by rich people i've decided to invest my time and money into something that might be one of many sources of income. 

That is how you become fully free without a need to work for someone you don't like. Thankfully i've managed to get in at this early stage so ill try to stack the shitt out of steem and wait for a new bullrun :) 

I'd be honest, I'd consider buying Steem if I'm given $10. I can get 13.6 Steem for my 10 bucks. Its actually very low and has no value at all. But remember you can never call 1 million if its 999,999. Every Steem is essential to become a valuable asset.

Also, I'm actually thinking of the idea when I buy Steem right now I am like investing in a bank with 50% up annual interest. With the current Steem design at 8% inflation rate. One can assure that we're gaining from our investment aside from the "Vest" that we receive to reward users from their posts or comments in the platform.

Steem is almost at its all-time high and its quite questionable why it does like that. Steem has been having an amazing advancement these days and the price didn't reflected. The main reason for it is liquidity, there are lots of liquid Steems available in the market that's why prices are continually held being low. But when cryptoeconomy comes green and people would start to realize that Steem is a game changer for Social Media platforms and communities, people would start to have a demand on the tokens.

Another reason would be, a lot of dApps are existing these days. With them, it create a massive traffic to the platform luring a lot of users from different words merging with us in Steemit.

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I would go straight to the point, ~ invest 10.000$ to Steem!

It's a free money anyway. There's no risk to take since I'm technically "not" losing anything here. And considering the current price of Steem, it's worth giving it a try; to become a Steem investor.

Thank you very much for your question. I will accept steem and in my opinion those who are wise will certainly accept steem. I will explain why I will accept it through a story. Suppose you have a chicken. That is to give 10 eggs without laying eggs or you do not have chicken. If you take one, you will definitely take the chicken. If the chicken is kept in a month you will get 30 eggs. And if you keep it for more than a month, you will get more eggs. For this you must take the chicken. The thing about steam is just like chicken. We all saw that the price of steam went up to 7 dollars plus. Now its price is very low and think about the time to invest here. if its price increases as before but it will be more than 8.000 steem to 56.000 dollars. So in my opinion the steem should be taken