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What are your favorite SteemIt related projects?
Can be any SteemIt related anything... community, app, project, etc.
First of all Steemit is just the main UI client of the steem chain.
Anyways, my favorites Steem apps are these:

Dtube: In fact this steem app probably set the steem app explosion.
I remember reading about Dtube and said wow! Dtube revolutionized how steem apps word. In fact I don't other than busy and esteem there was no alt way to use steem much.

Dlive: A live platform, an app that came after the dtube "genesis" creation.
It pretty cool and I know alot of my friends how ain't good with blogging and Live streaming. Kinda the same as Dtube.

In fact steem apps gave people alt ways to earn.

Steem hunt:
It kinda cool. Don't use and got angry at it bc they rejected my first one lol
But they set of the SMT funding. Delegate and earn SMT and a cut of the posts.

This steem app briged websites and steem blockchain together.
it helps websites earn steem :)

There are way more apps but these are the ones that had the biggest impacts in my opinion

Musing is pretty new so no opinion yet but it looking cool and I like answering question like this.
Actifit tracker,sportherald,utopia (is a project but they are life change project on steemit)
I really like this site the best, but I also like Dtube, and busy.org's instant app.
My favorite steem releated project is musing and scorum which are now a best to make your voice or content in uptrend they have given us a chance to make money
What is yours, zero-infinity?
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