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How to stop serious addiction ?
The process of overcoming an addiction, including an addiction to methambetamine, can be very stressful both physically and emotionally, requires a serious commitment and you probably need a lot of support during this process. Methamphetamine takes time to overcome an addiction and may have some undesirable withdrawal symptoms. However, the positive results which will come later in your life will be worth the effort.

Remove all the negative effects of your contacts, deliberately eliminating all those people of your life who inspired you to use drugs. It involves old friends with whom you've had yourself intoxicated in the past, as well as your pharmaceutical provider. You should use any kind to contact them. This includes phone numbers stored on your cell phone, which can be written in your wallet or on paper pieces, and can also be contacted on social media. In this way, you will not have access to those people who have negative effects on you.

If the negative effects still get in touch with you, then you may consider changing your phone number on social networks and deleting your accounts for a while. It is also important to avoid going into the ancient environment, which is important for methamphetamines Can speed up your desire to consume. Many people also take alternative routes to work to avoid going through the old familiar places.

Keeping busy can also help you avoid negative effects. Try to get a job if possible and even two. Try to work for a long time or start a new hobby. Try to keep busy so that you are not likely to get distracted by negative people and places.
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Addiction mean so much desire for something. One can addicted with anything. Addiction is not a good thing whatever it is with something good. Addiction take one to death or something more bad. There are many kinds of addiction. Like drug addiction, gaming addiction and so on. The person who is addicted with drug, can do many antisocial works for earning money in order to take drugs. A child who is addicted with game, can't concentrate on his study. He always keeping himself busy on mobile gaming.

To stop addiction, we all should do well behave with the addicted person. He have to give freedom to enjoy outside gaming and try make him smiling. We should not get him angry and sad.

So, it can be said that addiction is a course. We all should not be addicted with anything thing.
Addiction is a habit which one develops from desires and one feels uncomfortable when one is able to do it. Addiction becomes part of human habit such that it becomes very difficult to eradicate. The astonishing part is that every addiction started on a particular day. Sometimes we feel very guilty and unsecured after doing something we don't wana do but the fact is that we keep doing it because we are already addicted to it. Does this means that we can't stop addiction? Do you think it is impossible to eradicate addiction?. I am very sure everyone of us wana stay away from what we are addicted to due to it's adverse effect it may cause us in the future. Read the below steps to eradicate addiction from your life.

* **SET UP A GOAL**: Every successful people have the habit of setting up a goal. Everyone must have a specific goal he or she wants to accomplish. This goals varies depending on every individual perception. If you really want to become successful in what you do, you have to set up a goal. The goal here is to eradicate addiction. Take a deep breathe and have it in your mind about what you want to accomplish. Get a jotter and a pen to write down your goals. Write it down somewhere such that you can see it. In this case you now have what you are working towards. You can write your goal title to be "I want to stop so and so habit".

* **FEELING REMORSE**: Think about the pain your addiction has caused you. Think about what will happen in the future if you don't leave it. Feeling remorseful is a greater way of overcoming addiction. Think about the disadvantages it has on you. Anytime you think about this, you tend to develop a sense of guilt and feeling remorseful about addiction is not complete when you don't think about it's adverse effect.

* **THINK ABOUT IT'S ADVERSE EFFECTS**: One of the greatest ways of overcoming addiction is to always think about it's adverse effect. Research about it's concequences and learn from other people's experiences. I am very sure no one wants to die, but sometimes an addiction adverse effect maybe death. Always think about "what if I die" after doing this. As the saying goes, excess of everything is bad. Always ensure you read about the adverse effects of what you are doing. You feel scared anytime you feel like doing it again.

* **STAY AWAY FROM THE SOURCE**:As I have stated earlier, every addiction started on a single day. There is something or some factors that led you to that single habit which becomes an addiction. The best way to overcome addiction is by eradicatihg the sources of the habit. Stay away from what influences you to take part in the habit. If you were misled by your friends, make new friends with good habits. If you were influenced by the type of books you read or the internet, stay away from such activities and develop a new one. This means after eradicating the source you have to be productive.

* **BE PRODUCTIVE**: Productivity is one of the greatest ways of eradicating addiction. Always do things that are productive and. Learn a new skill like coding, programming, writing, learning, teaching, etc. There are various skills you can learn which we make you get busy. You can also make use of the acquired skills to start making money. Do things that are relevant and avoid irrelevant things. Whenever you do this, you forget your addiction and develop a new addiction towards good things.

* **REPENTANCE**: The religious concept is also a great way of eradicating addiction. Find a means of repenting and not going back to the bad addiction. Remember death can occur at anytime. This will always make you feel scared and from there your addiction eradicates gradually.

* **FIND A MENTOR**: One of the beauty of life is that there are lots of people with different experiences. There is nothing new in this life, what has happened to you has also happened to someone else and they overcame it. Meet with those kind of people who were once in your shoes and become their mentee. In this case, they direct and guide you to what you should do to eradicate your addiction.

### NOTE : Addiction is not something you can overcome for just a a day, it is a continuous process. Never give up. You just have to keep striving. Sometimes you may end up leaving your addiction for sometimes and you later get back to it. Do not feel sad about this. Just keep trying and keep applying the above steps o listed.
Also, when you are addicted to something good, always keep it up. But whenever you got addicted to something bad, find a means of eradicating it from your life.
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Addiction means a thing which is most attracted to us and we are thinking many times in a day for same thing.
The solution to stop the addiction are,

1)Write down some harmful effects of your addiction: [1] However, it is not so easy to think about the harm you get from your addiction, but if you find these things written in a paper with you, then You will be able to get rid of it as soon as possible. Take a pen and paper, and write from the beginning, churning the harmful effects of this addiction.
Think once, how your addiction affects your health. Maybe, this addiction has started to encompass your body, do you have a risk of cancer, heart disease or any other kind of disease like this?Make a list of all the things from which you have suffered mental trauma. Are you worried about your addiction? In many cases, because of addiction, you feel very embarrassed, and at the same time, you get to see frustration, anxiety and other mental and physical symptoms. How did your addiction affect your relationship with other people? Are you unable to give time to your people due to this?Some types of habits cost you a lot. So make a list of the expenditure on this addiction every day, every week and every month. Identify whether your addiction has affected your job too.
What kind of annoyance do you have during the day because of this addiction? As if you are a smoker, then you have to go out of your office to smoke.

2) Make a list of all the good changes you want to bring in your life: Now that you have understood all the side effects of your addiction, then consider it once, if you get rid of this addiction If you have found, what will be good in your life. Try to think your life without this addiction. How do you want it?
Maybe, that you have been pressed for years, a feeling of freedom awakens.
Now you will have enough time to do more good things with yourself, with your people.Now you will be able to save money again.Now you must know that you are doing every single thing to keep your health healthy. You will now see an improvement in your health very well. Now you will experience self-confidence again.

3) Keep your promise to stop this: Keep in mind if you have some concrete reasons to finish it, then you will get even more help in closing it. The reason for you to end this addiction, it should be more solid than retaining it. The mental barrier will be very difficult for you, but it is very important to eliminate this addiction.