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Do you agree to capital punishment for drug trafficking?if yes why?

Victim-less "crimes" shouldn't even be considered crimes in the first place.

If a person wants to buy a recreational drug and another person is willing to sell, then no actual wrong is done - so long as the seller is honest about his product and doesn't use violence or force, because fraud and assault are actual wrongs

It's up to the individual person to be responsible for what he or she ingests, some people will make bad choices and there's no obligation to save or protect them from themselves. You own your own body and have the right to put whatever you want into it.

The war on drugs has only made drugs stronger and more dangerous to use because of the need of traffickers to fit more potency into a smaller volume. Criminalizing drugs also leaves no avenue for aggrieved customers to complain or sue, and no courts to handle disputes, causing further violence on the streets.