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Why most of the people make shortcut to get success?
Success is not temperary. Its permanent. So we always try to be positive to get success. Not to make shortcut to acheive success. Success is your key of life. Whats your reviews on my question?

Success is not permanent. One can be successful and do great things and make a wrong move that overwrites his success. 

Success can be immediate or can be achieved in a period of time. Some people are impatient and maybe greediness has a role in these cases as well. These people tend to do everything in their power to achieve success and neglect the moral aspect by cutting corners. They may hope to get away with it without being caught. Some succeed, other don't. 

It may take longer to be successful by being honest, working hard and respecting rules but it's the right way and the safest.

Cutting corners is dangerous and can have serious consequences. 


Well i think it's an open secret I must say.

Many people take short route to sucess simply because of impatient and desperation.

When people are not patient to go through some process in life that will help to build and shapen their life for the future, they want to make quick and easy money very fast they decide to go through the Shortcut of making money and becoming successful and this is not advisable because taking the short cut is always dangerous even to the society.

In my country there are many people who are looking for shortcut to making money and they go to the extent of killing their fellow humans for money ritual, some go into arm robbery, kidnapping just to make quick money,other are into internet fraud on their quest to making quick money and becoming successful.

My conclusion is that desperation, impatient, unseriousness, indiscipline are some of the reasons people want to take the shortcut to being successful and taking shortcut is not good.