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What programming language is needed in order to be a blockchain developer?

As with most programming questions, it depends upon what you want to do. 

If you want to assist with the development of an existing blockchain then you would need to use the language in which it is written. Many blockchains, including Bitcoin, EOS and Steem, are coded in C++. As many blockchains are open-source you can check the underlying coding language by checking the repository, for example on Github.

Similarly if you want to create dApps for a blockchain which has smart contract functionality then typically there will already have been a choice made as to which language is to be used to code those smart contracts. Ethereum and Tron use Solidity for their smart contracts, a language which is based on Javascript but this varies by blockchain.  

If you want to build a dApp for Steem then you have more choice, since Steem dApps do not generally use smart contract style functionality. You can make API calls to write or retrieve information from the Steem blockchain directly or you have a choice of Javascript or Python wrappers for these calls. 

You can build your Steem dApp front-end and storage using the stack of your choice. Many Steem dApps use some form of Javascript library (Vue or React) for the front-end.